Parents can change their five habits immediately if children are becoming tense

Every child is cute and everyone has their own habits.  Avoid comparing in this way.  Image Credits: Pixabay

Every child is cute and everyone has their own habits. Avoid comparing in this way. Image Credits: Pixabay

Parenting Tips: The experience of childhood increases or decreases a person’s confidence throughout life, due to which some mistakes are also caused by the parents themselves. In such a situation, it is necessary to change some habits during parenting.

Parenting Tips: Parenting does not only mean giving birth to a child, but it also means making a responsible citizen in the society. It is said that good upbringing of children is the biggest contributor to building a good society. You will remember the way you treat your children and the things they will teach them in childhood. Not only this, even after growing up, there is a glimpse of childhood upbringing on his personality. Childhood experience increases or decreases the confidence and self-sufficiency of a person throughout life, which is also due to the mistakes of the parents themselves. In such a situation, every parent needs to change some of their habits during parenting. Know what those habits are. 1. Making fun of children Parental motivation is very important in the growth of a child. In such a situation, every child wants to marry his parents. For you, the little things of the child may seem like a joke, but it may be that the child has worked hard to get praise from you. For example, if he made something and he was not beautiful in appearance, then you should not make fun of him. By doing this, they will stop trying the next time. Read also: Does your husband value your family more than you? Know what to do in such a situation 2. Comparing children
It is seen in many families that children are compared in everything. In such a situation, there may be feelings of irritation and jealousy in the child’s mind towards other children. Let us know that every child is cute and everyone has their own habits. Avoid comparing in this way. 3.Removing Every Work Reduction In childhood, no child can be perfect in everything. In such a situation, if the child is doing any activity, then let him do it and do not remove them all the time. Instead of removing shortcomings, praise his good things. 4. Evil the child in front of others There are many parents who keep complaining about their children in front of outsiders for their determination. Many people do evil of the child only with the intention of gossiping. But let us tell you that it has a very profound effect on the minds of children and children go into depression. This matter remains stuck in his mind for a long time, which later affects his confidence. Also Read: Toxic Positivity: Are You Not A Victim Of Toxic Positivity? Know what are its symptoms 5. Beating If the children are beaten on everything, then it comes to their mind that they are very bad, no one likes them. They do not feel safe themselves and the feeling of insecurity is at home in them. It affects their personality till it gets bigger. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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