Uttarakhand: After youth, children are also vulnerable to Covid 19 CM Rawat said

Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat said that we are ready for the third wave.

Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat said that we are ready for the third wave.

In Uttarakhand, in the last 45 days, about three thousand children up to nine years of age have also been affected by Corona. Till now the second web was considered dangerous for the youngsters, but now the children are also being targeted.

  • Last Updated:May 16, 2021 9:07 PM IS

Dehradun. In the second web of Corona in Uttarakhand, people between 30 and 39 years are getting infected the most. In just a month and a half, 43 thousand patients of this age group have arrived. However, the concern is now increasing with regard to young children too. According to government data, 2,131 children up to nine years of age were infected in the twelve months from March 2020 to March 2021, but this year more than 2,938 children have become positive in just 45 days. It has seen a boom in the last ten days. In 10 days, one thousand children up to nine years of age have become Kovid positive, this has also increased the concern of doctors. Dr. Pratap Rawat, Chail Specialist of Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital, said that this situation may become serious in the future. However, it is a matter of relief that the virus severity in children is very low. CM Pant Case of Doon Hospital says that Second Web is making more hits of Youngsters all over the country. Concerns are being raised about the infection of children in the third web. Casey Pant says that if this happens, it will be a very difficult period. Because young children cannot be expected to have a covid appropiate weevier. It is very challenging to keep them in the hospital as well. Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat says that amidst the challenges of the second web, we are also alert about the third web. We have started preparations for the third web. So that, in a challenging time, our preparations are kept in order. He says that all DMs and CMOs have been instructed to identify hotels and institutions around the hospital, where the hospital can be run in emergency. If children are infected, there will be compulsion to stay with children. For this, hotels should be identified from now.

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