Do these things for healthy and happy periods, avoid them

Pay special attention to rest during periods

Pay special attention to rest during periods

Menstrual Hygiene Day: In a UNICEF study, Nua community chief Sharana Jhangiani said that 23% of girls have to drop out of school after the onset of periods due to lack of proper information about period hygiene.

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Today Menstrual Hygiene Day is being celebrated. The purpose of celebrating it is to make women aware of hygiene during periods. Periods are an important stage in a woman’s life. Often when it starts, women get very nervous due to lack of information, but many times women forget to take special care of cleanliness during periods. Indian Express has published a report quoting a study by UNICEF. In this report, Sharana Jhangiani, the community head of Nua, said that 23% of girls have to drop out of school after the onset of periods due to lack of correct information about period hygiene. High times, girls unaware of this phase are very scared and confused about what to do, how to manage and maintain hygiene during their first period. You can maintain healthy and happy periods by adopting these methods… Select the method of sanitation: From sanitary pads, tampons to menstrual cups, every woman should choose a product that gives her maximum comfort. After the first period, you should download some such app in the mobile which can warn you in the next month before the period comes. Apart from this, you should keep pads, panties, some pain medicines (by asking the doctor) in the pouch. You may need these things at any time. Also read: The color of period blood tells the condition of your health, know from the chart Consult an expert about periods:
For correct information about periods, talk to a doctor or an older woman in the house. It is best to consult a doctor, she will be able to tell you about this change and what precautions you should take. Don’t worry: Make sure that your body is in a completely relaxed and comfortable position during periods. Pay special attention to rest during periods. In olden times there were many myths about periods because the means were less at that time but nowadays there are many products in the market for periods which will prove to be very helpful for you and you will be able to maintain hygiene easily. Take bath daily and take care of personal hygiene: Taking a bath during periods is very important because it clears the extra blood from the private parts, otherwise it can lead to infection. Taking a bath improves the mood and also provides relief in cramps during periods. You can also get relief from the pain of your periods through mild heat therapy. For hygiene during periods, you should use a soft foaming cleanser so that the good bacteria of the private part are not harmed.

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