AMUL’s answer to PETA’s suggestion, said- How will the house of 10 crore dairy farmers run? Know what’s the matter

PETA wants Amul to snatch livelihood of 10 crore poor farmers

PETA wants Amul to snatch livelihood of 10 crore poor farmers

PETA wrote a letter to Amul’s Managing Director RS Sodhi urging it to “benefit from the growing vegetarian food and milk market”, sparking a debate on Twitter.

New Delhi. animal rights organizations The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has market In Ho are changes of answer In Amul India (Amul India) From dairy Milk of Instead Vegetarian Milk of Production to do of Request did. peta has Amul of managing director R S Sodhi To One Letter by writing Amul From mounting Vegetarian meal And Milk market From Benefit lifting of Request did, whose after From Twitter On him taking One debate sparked Gone. in reply to Sodhi has Twitter but peta From Asked that What Vegetarian Milk On switch to do From 100 million dairy Farmer, in which From 70% landless Huh, their livelihood let’s go Will go And they Ours children of school The fees Filled will be able to And India In How many people Reality In Lab In made Milk Purchase Can Huh?

Sodhi has Tweet In written, “What they 10 crore dairy Farmers (70% landless) To livelihood will give? their children of school The fees Who will give? How many people chemicals And synthetic Vitamins From become expensive Lab In Made eatdrinking of things of Expenditure picking Can Huh?” Amul One Cooperative institution having of cause straight dairy Farmers From Milk buys is. Sodhi has Animal Right group On Target hitting happened claim did that Vegetarian Milk On switch to do of meaning Will happen that Farmers of money of use by doing create went resources To markets To hand over

One necessary thing, that ease From available is, they Get Difficult Ho will go

Sodhi has this Too said that Vegetarian Milk On switch to do From medium Class of for One necessary thing, that ease From available is, they Get Difficult Ho will go. because many people Vegetarian Milk of Expenditure No picking Will find They said, “peta wanted is that Amul 10 crore Poor Farmers of livelihood snatch take And 75 years In Farmers of money From create went Ours All resources To more prices On prosperous multinational companies To hand over give, whom Average low medium Class affordable hee No Tax can.

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MAP has What Suggestion lamps?

peta has Sodhi To write Ours Letter In Global food Corporation Kargil of 2018 of Report of hawala gave, in which claim did Gone is that world Filled In dairy products of demand decrease doing is, because dairy To Now Diet of One mandatory Part No agreed go is. peta has claim did that nestle And danone as Global dairy companies nondairy Milk Construction In share Obtain Tax doing Huh, so Amul To Vegetarian products In Too Steps keep of about In Think needed. peta of claim is that let’s go doing Covid-19 Epidemic has people To diseases And zoonotic virus of between of Harsh of about In aware did is. He Suggestion gave that Amul To country In available 45,000 DifferentDifferent plants of species of use do needed And Vegetarian objects of for emerging market of Benefit To lift needed.

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