Bareilly-Bhuj special train will add additional coaches, passengers will be able to get more berths

Indian Railways (File Photo)

Indian Railways (File Photo)

Indian Railways: Temporary increase of train number 04311/04322 from North Western Railway, Bareilly-Bhuj-Bareilly Special Railway service on 29.05.21 from Bareilly and 01 2nd Sleeper class coach from Bhuj on 30.05.21.

New Delhi. In view of the convenience of passengers by the railways, temporary increase of 01 second sleeper class compartment is being made in Bareilly-Bhuj-Bareilly special rail service. This increase will be done in both directions.

According to Lt Shashi Kiran, Deputy General Manager (General) / Chief Public Relations Officer, North Western Railway, train no. 04311/04322, in Bareilly-Bhuj-Bareilly Special Railways service from Bareilly on 29.05.21 and from Bhuj on 30.05.21 in 01 Second Sleeper class coach Temporary increase is being done.

With this increase, more berths will be made available to the passengers of stations on the route of this train in each round.

Apart from this, a temporary increase of second sleeper class coaches has already been announced in these trains, which are as follows: – Train No. 09601/09602, Udaipur City-Newjalpaigudi – Udaipur City Weekly Special from Udaipur City Temporary increase of 02 Second Sleeper Class coaches is being done on 29.05.21 and from Newjalpigudi on 31.05.21.

-Total No. 04707/04708, Bikaner-Dadar-Bikaner Special Railway service from Bikaner from 29.05.21 to 01.06.21 and from Dadar from 30.05.21 to 02.06.21, 01 Second Sleeper class coaches are being temporarily increased. .

– Train number 04817/04818, Bhagat’s Kothi – Dadar – Bhagat’s Kothi Special is being temporarily increased from Bhagat’s Kothi on 31.05.21 and 02 second sleeper coaches from Dadar on 01.06.21.

– Train number 04817/04818, Bhagat’s Kothi – Dadar – Bhagat’s Kothi Special is being temporarily extended from Bhagat’s Kothi on 03.06.21 and 01 second sleeping coach from Dadar on 04.06.21.

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