Commendable initiative of Arijit Singh, will raise money together with Facebook to help rural areas

Arijit Singh will raise money by doing live concerts from Facebook.  (Photo Credits: arijitsingh/Instagram)

Arijit Singh will raise money by doing live concerts from Facebook. (Photo Credits: arijitsingh/Instagram)

Arijit Singh, along with his charity mission Give India and Facebook, has decided to help the people troubled by the epidemic in rural areas of India. It will be started in Murshidabad.

Mumbai: In the second wave of Kovid-19, the villages have been badly affected. Last time the villagers were left in the midst of corona infection. But this time the epidemic is showing its wrath in rural areas as well. As everyone knows that the health facilities in the village are negligible. In such a situation, the difficulty is increasing. The condition of hospitals in urban areas has already deteriorated. Many villagers do not even have the option of reaching the city for treatment. In such a famous singer of Bollywood Arijit Singh A commendable initiative has been taken.

Singer Arijit Singh has joined hands with Facebook through Social for Good and ‘Give India’ to arrange beds, oxygen and medicines in rural areas. Arijit is going to start this from his area Murshidabad. Arijit is doing a fundraiser live concert so that the proceeds can be used to help rural India.

According to the information received, on June 6, Arijit Singh will do Facebook live from his village Murshidabad. You can contribute to this commendable initiative of Singer by enjoying the live concert on the ‘Give India’ fundraiser page. You can give information about this digital live performance on the Give India page.

In an interview given to the media, Arijit Singh told that ‘I am a resident of Murshidabad, a small area of ​​West Bengal. Kovid is affecting people badly. It is sad to see the lack of facilities in rural areas. There is a need to do many reforms for the livelihood of crores of people here. Let us tell you that about 10 days ago, Arijit Singh’s mother died due to corona virus. He broke down during treatment at a hospital in Kolkata.

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