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Shayari: Shayari is the voice of the heart or the twist of Mehboob’s swirls. Whatever it is, it is through them that the matter of the heart reaches the lips. Or say that poetry is a beautiful way to express heart and soul. In this world of Shero-Sukhan (Shayari), every emotion has been threaded with great beauty in alphabets. Whether it is about love or any other issue related to human life, the pen has been raised. Emotion has been carved out of words in poetry.

Then if it is a matter of hopes and hopes, then when are these also separated from life. It is only then that there is life and also the desire to live. Although sometimes the hopes are fulfilled, sometimes there is a rain of tears in their part. This is the reason why the poets get the hopeful emotion threaded in a luscious alphabet, and somewhere it has been talked about with happiness. Today, a few words from such invaluable poetry of poets are presented to you. Such words of poets in which there is a talk of ‘hope’ and there is a mention of the heart’s bewilderment. You too can enjoy these prized possession…

Heart is neither hope nor failure

It is long the evening of sorrow but it is only the eveningFaiz Ahmed Faiz

The result of my passion will surely come

Noor will emerge from this dark sea

Amir Qazalbash

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no promise no trust no hope

But we had to wait for you

Firaq Gorakhpuri

To what extent does my heart fall on your promises

Somebody pretends to do so, my hope is broken

Fanaa Nizami Kanpuri

We have hope for them

who don’t know what is wafa

mirza ghalib

Till now the heart-e-khush-fehm has hopes from you

These last nights have also come to extinguish

Ahmed Faraz

This is life, some dreams, few hopes

If you can seduce with these toys, then come on

Nida Fazli

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Just like every evening passes in hopes

Today there is something that came to cry in the evening

Shakeel Badayuni

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