home remedies get rid bed-bugs

Bedbugs will run away with these special methods.  Image / shutterstock

Bedbugs will run away with these special methods. Image / shutterstock

If you have bed bugs in your house too and because of this you are upset, then you can take help of some easy home remedies to get rid of them and get rid of bedbugs.

Bedbug is a small insect that drinks human blood. Be careful if you start itching on any part of your body after getting up in the morning and there are spots of blood on your bed. It is possible that bed bugs are hidden somewhere on your bed, which suck your blood at night. In addition to bed bugs, your furniture, mattress and your clothes and other places can also be present. In such a situation it is necessary to eliminate them. For this, you can get rid of bedbugs by trying some easy home remedies.

Hot Water

If the bedbugs have been on your chairs, cot etc., then for this you keep your house and belongings clean. Also, the items, which are bedbugs, etc., must be washed once a week with hot water and cleaned. In this way the bedbugs in your bed, bed, etc. will be finished. Apart from this, wash your sheets, pillow covers etc. with hot water and clean them.

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Apart from this, you can also adopt another method. And that is kerosene or kerosene. For this, instead of bedbug, apply this oil with the help of cotton. Or add a few drops of it. The strong smell of oil will force bedbugs to flee.

Onion juice

At the same time, you can also use onion juice to kill bedbugs. It is a natural medicine and bedbugs die from the strong smell of onion. Therefore, where there are bedbugs, apply onion juice. Bedbugs will die.

Peppermint juice

Bedbugs also run away from the smell of peppermint. To keep them away, you can keep mint leaves near your bed. Or you can grind its leaves and apply it on the open parts of your body. Bedbugs will not come close.

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neem oil

Neem oil has many anti-microbial properties. Therefore, it is also used to keep insects away. To remove bedbugs, keep the house clean and spray it where there is a possibility of bedbugs. Do this twice a week. This will end the bedbugs.

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