LIC sold its entire stake in 8 companies! These 5 companies including HDFC Bank also reduced stake

New Delhi. Finance The year 2020-21 Of The last Quarter In country Of from all The big Insurance company LIC ie Life Insurance Corporation Off India (LIC) has many The companies In mine Share Reduced is In which HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank) As The companies Include Huh. but fourth quarter In LIC has Gin 10 The companies In mine Share from all more Reduced is, In those From 8 The companies In LIC has Ours Steak To Zero Tax took is. i.e 8 The companies In LIC has mine Share Sell Given is.

March Quarter Of During share market In Tremendous Fast Looked was And Sensex From with Nifty Ours AllTime Hi On the access went Were. this During Nifty In 5% From more Of The boom I. this Fast Of See Hue LIC has Fiercely Profit Booking Of And stock market In Listed The total The companies In mine Share To By subtracting 3.66% Tax took, that now By Of from all Take the Level is. Prime The database Of By Raise went The data Of According to, December Quarter By stock market In List The companies In LIC Of Share 3.7% was, There itself last year Of fourth quarter In this 3.88% And June 2012 In this Ours The record Hi 5% On Was LIC Of Shareholding In In college Those The companies To Include did Gone is In which his Share 1% From more is.

In college free Plot share i.e NonPromoter Holding Of talk Do the so March Quarter In LIC Of Honorship 7.39% Ho Gone is that last year Of same Quarter In 7.33% Was share Of Numbers Of Honorship Of The cases In Too Growth Hui is And this If Of The total share Of 0.85% Ho Gone is, that December Quarter In 0.84% Was

In The companies In Sold out Complete Share

LIC has fourth quarter In Gin 8 The companies In mine Complete Share Sell Given is, In those Central Bank Off India Include is. this Bank In LIC has mine 4.20% Share Sold out is. There itself LIC has Hindustan Motors In Ours 3.56% share, Union Bank Off India In 3.22% share Sell Huh. There itself, Flame Structures In 1.94%, Morepan Laboratories In 1.69% share, RPSG Ventures In 1.66%, Insecticides India In 1.50% And Dalmia Indian Sugar In mine 1.50% share Sell Huh, In The companies In Now LIC Of someone Share No is.

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In The companies In Reduced from all more Share

LIC has Gin The companies In from all more Share Reduced is, In those HDFC Bank Include is. LIC has HDFC Bank Of 2095.57 Crore Rupees Of share Sell Huh. The same Of with Maruti Suzuki Of 1,181.27 Crore Rupees Of share, Union Bank Off India In 651.25 Crore Rupees Of share, Kotak Mahindra Bank (Mahindra Bank Box) In 542.66 Crore Rupees Of share And Asian Paints In 463.08 Crore Rupees Of share Sell.

In The companies In from all more Increased Share

March Quarter In Gin The companies In LIC has mine Share from all more Increased is, In those rail development Corporation Limited, New India Assurance, Bajaj Auto (Bajaj Auto), Bye Communications, Jammu And Kashmir Bank, Ignorant total The gas, Alembic Pharma, PI Industries, Aurobindo Pharma (Aurobindo Pharma) And Biocon (Biocon) Include Huh.

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