Mika Singh came out in support of Salman Khan, called KRK a ‘donkey-rat’

Mika Singh narrated the truth to Kamal R Khan.  (Photo Credits: mikasingh/kamaalrkhan/Instagram)

Mika Singh narrated the truth to Kamal R Khan. (Photo Credits: mikasingh/kamaalrkhan/Instagram)

The war between Salman Khan and Kamal R Khan over the film ‘Radhe’ has not even calmed down that Mika Singh has also jumped. Mika has slammed KRK fiercely.

Mumbai: singer rapper Mika Singh Due to more controversy than his profession, he remains in the headlines. After a long-running dispute with Rakhi Sawant, news of a patchup between the two came to light recently. Now Mika Singh has messed up with actor and film critic Kamal R Khan. Mika has become angry on the review of Salman Khan’s film ‘Radhe’. He has also claimed that he has a video of KRK begging for forgiveness, calling KRK a donkey and a rat.

Singer Mika Singh has worked with Salman Khan many times. Salman Khan has come out in defense of the ongoing legal dispute between self-styled godman and film critic Kamal R Khan. Mika said in an interview that KRK should not make personal comments in the review of a film. Salman has sent a legal notice for defaming ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’. Salman’s legal team has filed a defamation suit because KRK has said that Salman Khan is corrupt, he and his brand ‘Being Human’ are involved in fraud, manipulation and money laundering transactions.

Mika has called KRK as a donkey and a mouse in a video on Bollywood Spy YouTube channel. Mika says that media and critics have the right to give any review about any film but there should not be a personal attack. Mika said that ‘Surprised that Salman bhai took so long to file a case against him, such a donkey should be taught a lesson soon… he always makes personal attacks which is wrong’.

Mika Singh told that if ever KRK commented on me, then ‘there will be no case-way from my side, there will be a direct slap. KRK is such a big mouse that he won’t get out of his bill because he knows he’s going to get slapped as soon as he comes out. Apart from this, Mika told that he has a video in which KRK is pleading apologizing. Because he critiqued my songs.

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