Need to drive a car abroad, do you have an International Driving License? know everything

New Delhi. Getting an International Driving License is very easy. Through this, you can rent a car and do driving in 150 countries of the world. Today we are telling you the complete process of getting an International Driving License.

Apart from India, international driving license is required to drive any vehicle from car, bike to personal use in any corner of the world. International Driving License is not only useful for regular foreign travellers, but those who go abroad occasionally, also get the benefit of it. This can come in handy in case of an emergency abroad.

Who and how can get this licenseTo get an International Driving License, you must be an Indian citizen and you must have a valid Permanent License of India. You can apply for an International Driving License in writing at the RTO office in your area. In this you have to mention the countries where you are going. You have to fill Form 4A to apply. This form is available at

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Carbon copy of Indian driving license, 5 passport size photographs, Carbon copy of valid passport, Carbon copy of valid visa and original copy, Form 4A, Carbon copy of air ticket, Medical certificate, Proof of being an Indian citizen, Address proof Documents like carbon copy, copy of age-certificate etc. are required. Let us know that Form 4 is a very important document in this.

How to get International Driving License from RTO?

To get an International Driving License from RTO, first of all you should have all the documents mentioned above. And it also has a CMV Form 4. In which you have to fill all your information correctly. Because filling wrong information in it can lead to rejection. So fill all the information carefully. Now by filling this form, you have to apply in the RTO office of your district. After applying, a medical test is taken, in which the mental and physical condition of the applicant is ascertained.

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How to get International Driving License online?

International Driving License can also be made online. However, getting a driving license online may cost you dearly. Here 34 US dollars may have to be spent. To get a license, you have to go to the official website of International Traffic Control Association and apply with all the valid documents. The special thing about this site is that on applying from here, the license can be made quickly.

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