PM Sana Marin had breakfast with family with government money, police will investigate | prime-minister-of-finland-sanna marin had-breakfast-with-family-on-government-money-police-will-investigate nodtg

Prime Minister of Finland Sana Marin (file photo)

Prime Minister of Finland Sana Marin (file photo)

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sana Marin, is accused of spending a huge amount of money every month for his family breakfast while staying in Kesaranta, the official residence. Since this revelation, the opposition has become an attacker on the Prime Minister. Seeing the seriousness of the case, the police is going to investigate it.

Helsinki. Finland’s Prime Minister Sana Marin’s breakfast bill remains the subject of discussion these days. The matter is so serious that the local police has said to investigate. The PM is accused that he has spent a lot of money on a breakfast with the family in government housing by misusing taxpayer’s money. The tabloid Iltalehti report accused Prime Minister Sana Marin on Tuesday that she is spending around 300 euros ($ 365) per month for her family breakfast while living in Kesaranta, the official residence.

After this report, the opposition is the attacker. At the same time, the PM says that other Prime Ministers have benefited from this before him. Marin said on Twitter, “As Prime Minister, I have not sought this benefit nor have I been involved in taking a decision on it.”

Legal experts later suggested that using taxpayers’ money for the Prime Minister’s morning meal could actually be a violation of Finnish law. Let us tell you that on Friday, the police has announced to investigate this issue. The police said in a statement, “The Prime Minister has taken the money spent on breakfast from the government. However, the law does not allow it.”

ALSO READ: Germany: Children above 12 years of age will get Corona vaccine from June 7Detective Superintendent Temu Jokinan said that the investigation would be focused on the decisions of the officials inside the Prime Minister’s Office. “Is not related in any way to the Prime Minister or his official activities. Marin said on Twitter on Friday that she welcomes the inquiry and will stop claiming benefits until it is considered.”

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