Priyadarshan: Every time I worked with him, I saw a different Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal became very famous in the role of 'Babu Bhai' (File photo)

Paresh Rawal became very famous in the role of ‘Babu Bhai’ (File photo)

Veteran actor Paresh Rawal has worked with filmmaker Priyadarshan in several films, but he is best remembered for his popular character ‘Babu Bhai’ in ‘Hera Pheri’. Huh.

New Delhi: Paresh Rawal has played many extraordinary roles in his career. However, today he is remembered for his popular character Baburao Ganpatrao Apte aka Babu Bhai played in ‘Hera Pheri’. All this happened because filmmaker Priyadarshan had conceived this role for him. In a recent conversation, the filmmaker praised Paresh Rawal and also talked about his popular role ‘Babu Bhai’ played on screen.

On May 30, on the occasion of Paresh Rawal’s birthday, ETimes spoke to Priyadarshan. When the director was asked about Babu Bhai’s role, he said, “I had gone to see a couple of his plays and then I came to know about his range. The kind of Paresh Rawal I had seen on stage that day, I had never seen in films. In those days, he used to play the role of a small villain. When I was about to make ‘Hera Pheri’, I had only Utpal Dutt in my mind for the role of Babu Bhai, but he was no more. I was looking for a person who could play such a role. As soon as I saw Paresh’s play, I was sure that I had found my ‘Babu Bhai’. I called him the next day and narrated the story.

He further explains, he told me that he does not care for a single penny, because the character has already come in his mind. Paresh has played better roles than I could have imagined. The role of ‘Babu Bhai’ had completely changed his life. I also worked with him in other films like ‘Malamal Weekly’, ‘Chup Chupke’, ‘Hungama’. I used to see a different Paresh Rawal in him every time.

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