side effects of dry fruits in summer

Side Effects Of Dry Fruit: Consuming dry fruit is beneficial for the body. For this reason, to keep your health healthy, we recommend eating big dry fruits. Especially in winter. But to increase immunity and energy, many people consume a lot of dry fruit daily in the summer season. While it can be harmful in many cases (Eating Dry fruit Daily Is Sometimes Harmful). You must have known about the benefits of consuming dry fruit. Learn about the damage caused by it today.

There may be trouble in the stomach

Excessive consumption of dry fruit during summer can cause stomach problems. Digestive system can be damaged by its use. There may be problems with abdominal cramps, cramps, pain, indigestion and loose motion. If possible, avoid eating dry food in the summer and if you like to eat, then eat them in limited quantity. Also, consume them only after soaking them in water overnight.

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Hemorrhage may erupt

The dry fruit effect is very hot and the body heat is increased by taking it on hot days. Because of which there may be a problem of bleeding from the nose, that is, bleeding from the nose. Those who often have difficulty in bleeding from the nose, they should avoid eating dry fruit during the summer season. If you want to eat dry fruit in summer, then eat in limited quantity.

Pimple may

To increase energy and immunity, if you are using dry fruit even during the summer season. So, due to its use, there may be a problem of rash and pimples in the body. The dry fruit effect is extremely hot, which increases the heat in the body even more, due to which this problem can be revealed. In the summer season it would be better to eat juicy fruits instead of dry fruit.

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May cause teeth trouble

There are many dry fruits that contain sugar in the form of fructose. Also, most of the dry fruit is also kept in sugar coating to protect it from moisture. Because of which sweetness comes in them. By eating these, they get stuck in the teeth and do not go away even by rinse normally. Due to which there can be many more problems like toothache, decay.

May increase weight

Excess consumption of dry fruit can also cause weight gain. Dry fruit has high calorie content, which is known to increase weight. Therefore, it should be avoided to consume too much dry fruit. If you still like to eat dry fruits, then consume them in limited quantities and continue physical activity. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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