Yoga Session: Body will remain fit and toned, practice these exercises

Learn from Yoga Expert Savita Yadav

Learn from Yoga Expert Savita Yadav

Yoga Session: Not only can a person remain healthy by doing yoga, but he also gets freedom from all kinds of stress. Yoga is the act of gaining control over the breath and the mind. Yoga affects the whole life and the life cycle goes on better….

Yoga Session: In today’s yoga session, many easy ways to keep the body and mind healthy were shown. Today we learned many ways to do yoga on the Facebook page of News18 Hindi from Yoga Expert Savita Yadav. Many types of yoga asanas were told in the Live Yoga Session. Yoga is a journey from body to mind. By practicing yoga practice daily, it becomes a habit. By doing yoga, not only can a person remain healthy, but he also gets freedom from all kinds of stress. Yoga is the act of gaining control over the breath and the mind. Yoga affects the whole life and the life cycle goes on better….

Malasan: The position in which we sit while defecating is called Malasana. This sitting position is very beneficial for the stomach and back. To do this, first of all, bend both knees and sit in a defecation position. Then resting the armpit of the right hand on the right and the armpit of the left hand on the left knee, join both the hands (Namaskar Mudra). After staying in the above position for some time, come back to normal position.

Benefits of Malasana: Malasana eliminates the tension of knees, joints, back and stomach and their pain is reduced. It also gives relief from the problem of constipation and gas.

Navigation: Naukasana, as the name suggests, involves making the body in the shape of a boat. By doing this yoga, there is a lot of pressure on the stomach and hips and they are toned. Along with this, there is a lot of tightening and strength in the muscles of the pelvic area. To do this yoga asana, first of all lie down on your back. Now join both your feet together and put both your hands along the body. After this take a deep breath and while exhaling, lift your chest with your feet while pulling both your hands towards the feet. Now maintain the posture by taking a long and deep breath and then relax while exhaling.

Benefits of boating: By doing this asana, your digestive system becomes strong. It also helps in getting rid of digestive related diseases like constipation, acidity, gas etc.

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Peacock seat: To perform the Merkat posture, lie down on the mat, keep the knee of the foot upwards, both the hands will open outward, both the hands will be straight parallel to the shoulder, now bend your leg slowly from the knee upwards, after that the knee of both the legs will be turned to the right. Will put it on the floor on the side or Kriya will touch the floor like this for 4 to 5 seconds and will turn the face in the opposite direction, now slowly bring both the legs upwards and face towards the front. Now who will do the exact opposite?

Advantages of peacock posture: Merkat posture will make the spine flexible and also get rid of all the problems related to the back. Thighs will also come in shape as well as your body will also be agile.

Marjari seat: Marjari Asana is a forward bending and backward twisting yoga posture. Cat walk is famous all over the world, but we discuss about cat pose in yoga asana class. This asana is beneficial for your body in many ways. This asana gives a good stretch to the spine. Along with this, it gives relief in back pain and neck pain.

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