Croatia announced – will buy 12 Rafale aircraft from France to increase air capacity

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Croatia has announced to buy 12 Rafale fighter aircraft from France to increase its air capacity. India, Egypt, Qatar and Greece are already operating this French fighter aircraft.

Zagreb. In view of the firepower of the French-made Rafale Fighter Jet, many countries are including it in their Air Force one after the other. In this episode, the name of the South-Eastern European country Croatia has also been added. Croatia has announced to buy 12 Rafale fighter jets from France to increase its air capacity. Croatia had the option of choosing between the Rafale and the F-16C/D Barak fighter aircraft modified in Israel. India, Egypt, Qatar and Greece are already operating this French fighter aircraft. In such a situation, if Rafale is included in the Croatian Air Force, it will greatly increase its air capacity in the Balkan countries. Not only this, the air border of this country made up of thousands of islands will also be completely safe. Despite being a member of the US-led military organization NATO, Croatia still uses the MiG-21 fighter aircraft of the Soviet Union.

A tweet from the Croatian government’s official social media account quoted Prime Minister Andrzej Plenkovic as saying that the CC Rafale offer was chosen because it offered the best price. For this reason, Croatia has got the high ranking and equipped aircraft Rafale F3R with the latest standard. It has also been told in this tweet that with the finalization of this deal, Croatia will have the most modern aircraft in this part of Europe.

Certainly, the Rafale will prove to be a gamechanger in enhancing the capabilities of the Croatian Air Force. These aircraft will be equipped with short-range air-to-air missiles. With this, Croatia will have fourth generation fighters instead of second generation MiG-21 aircraft. Many powerful technologies like the advanced radar installed in the Rafale, the ability to attack up to the Beyond Visual Range will add a lot to the defense capabilities of this country.

Also read: Sri Lanka: Fear of raining acid from the sky after the ship caught fire: OfficialsAccording to the report, Croatia will buy 12 Rafale from France at a cost of $1.22 billion. These fighters will replace the existing fleet of eight single-seat MiG-21bisDs and four two-seat MiG-21UMDs already in the Croatian Air Force. Croatia’s MiG-21s were slightly upgraded in Ukraine, so that they could serve in the Air Force only until 2024. However, the upgrade of the Croatian aircraft is quite minor compared to the Indian MiG-21 or Romanian MiG-21.

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