team of scientists conducted aerial survey of rishiganga river glaciers

Symbolic image for an aerial survey of the glacier.

Symbolic image for an aerial survey of the glacier.

Has the knock of another natural calamity been heard in Uttarakhand? When a team of scientists conducted an aerial survey of glaciers, the question arose as to why? Learn about the case in detail.

Chamoli. Uttarakhand has faced natural calamities of glacier break or burst twice this year. Meanwhile, taking the apprehensions seriously, a team of scientists conducted an aerial survey of glaciers in Chamoli district on Saturday. This aerial survey was done to know the glaciers formed at the origin of river Rishiganga. According to the latest news, the team of scientists will soon submit the report of this survey to the government, although till now the date has not been decided as to when the report will be submitted.

In fact, the scientists conducted this survey after information that villagers suspected that cracks had been seen in the glacier. According to the report of the news agency, to confirm these cracks, scientists have done this aerial survey because in the last four months, the havoc of glaciers has broken twice in Uttarakhand.

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Let us tell you that the incident of glacier burst at a place named Sumana in the Niti Valley of Chamoli district, located near the India and China border, took place on 23 April. Earlier in February this year also a glacier had burst. Due to this incident in Joshimath of Chamoli district, there was a huge flood in the Dhauli Ganga river, due to which a lot of devastation was seen. 50 bodies were recovered and there were reports of hundreds missing.

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