These 47 medical devices will be needed in the third wave of Corona, list sent to the center

New Delhi. After seeing the outcry in the first and second wave of Corona, now experts are warning about the third wave. The possibility of a third wave coming in the country after July has also been expressed by IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi. It has also been said that it can infect 30-60 percent more people than the second wave. Not only this, preparations are being demanded in advance for this.

After the possibility of the next wave of corona in the country and the medical devices shortage in the second wave, now a list of medical devices used in the third wave has been made. This list has also been sent to the Department of Pharmaceuticals of the Central Government. In this, a total of 47 such medical devices or items have been named, which are needed during the treatment of corona and may be needed even further.

In a conversation with News 18 Hindi, the forum coordinator of the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) Rajeev Nath says that usually everyone has less than a dozen including masks, sanitizers, oxygen, PPE kits during corona. Items need information. While the need for more than 45 things has come to the fore during the treatment of corona patients.

All these are medical devices that have not only been used during the second wave, but for their production, the list has been repeatedly issued by the central government to the companies making medical devices. Now AIMED has given a list of all these medical devices to the central government after the recent meeting. Along with this, there has also been a demand to store all these so that any emergency like the third wave of corona can be dealt with.Here is the list of critical medical devices required in the treatment of Kovid 19

air mattress

oxygen sources

compressed air

suction source

Ventilators-ICU transport non-invasive

multipara monitor

pulse oximeters

defibrillator with AED

Infusion Pump- Syringe Pump


ECG (5 Channel) Machine

Disposal blades

High Flow Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Therapy Machine


hemo-dialysis machine

ILC machine

crash cart

Self Inflating Resuscitation Bag

Mobile X-ray Unit with CR System

portable ultrasound machine

abg machine

Hematology and Biochemistry Test


ALS Ambulance


digital bp apparatuses

digital thermometer

ivy stand

Hospital beds, standard ICU

foldable bed side screen


Auto Disable Syringe for Vaccination

Syringes – Disposable or Reuse Prevention

bicap machine

oxygen concentrator

Oxygen Regulator Kit With Humidifier

oxygen flowmeter

Oxygen mask, nasal tube and cannula tube

Masks (surgical and FFP2 masks)

PPE Kit (Coverall)




RNA extraction kit

Diagnostic Kit (PCR Kit)

covid 19 rapid diagnostic test kit

VTM Tubes

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