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Literary activities have started coming back on track as soon as the relaxation in Corona curfew is given. However, even during the lockdown, the literary corridor was buzzing with stories, poems, songs and ghazals, but online. Offline activities had come to a halt. When the corona infection was curbed, the governments started relaxing the lockdown. Due to the lockdown, the words lying unfinished in the press, started taking shape again as soon as the exemption was given.

Rajkamal Prakashan (rajkamal prakashan) brings to its readers the new novel ‘Swang’ by senior satirist Gyan Chaturvedi and the thought provoking book ‘Naariwadi Nigah se’ by noted author Nivedita Menon. has come. Both these new books have been published at a time when the ongoing lockdown in view of the second wave of Corona is gradually being relaxed and life is moving towards getting back on track.

Ashok Maheshwari, managing director of Rajkamal Publications Group, said, ‘It is their priority to provide healthy and creative mental food to the people in the form of quality literature. Corona has created unusual circumstances. The lockdown affected all the work, but we kept busy in the work of preparing new and best books for our readers, the publication of ‘Swanky’ and ‘Feminist Nigh Se’ is the result of this.’

The Story of Ironic Change ‘Swang’ (Gyan Chaturvedi New Novel Swang)
‘Swang’ is a new novel by Gyan Chaturvedi. The story of the ironic transformation of the entire Indian society on the pretext of a village is told in an interesting way in this novel. This is the last work of his novel ‘Trilogy’ based on Bundelkhand. The first two novels of the trilogy ‘Baramasi’ and ‘Hum Na Marab’ have already been published by Rajkamal.

Gyan Chaturvedi has shown through the life of Kotra village in ‘Swanky’ that once for entertainment, acting has become such a reality of people’s life where the whole society has become a squid. Social, political, justice and law, the whole system of their system has turned into a huge farce. A fakeness dominates everywhere, in this form this novel is the story of the transformation of not only Bundelkhand but the entire system of India into a gigantic farce. The neutral observation of the environment, the nuanced analysis of valueless socialism and the ruthless satire that is present in this novel, is a testament to the extraordinary writing ability of Gyan Chaturvedi and his being a representative satirist of our times.

Nivedita Menon’s Naariwadi Nigah se
In Nivedita Menon’s book ‘Feminist Nigah Se’, complex concepts and practical applications of feminist principles are presented in clear and easy language. It shows that feminism is an important issue for the whole society, it is not just the concern of women.

It is a translation of Nivedita’s well-known book ‘Seeing Like a Feminist’, which emphasizes a gradual but decisive transformation of society, rather than making feminism a cry of ultimate victory over patriarchy. Looking at it from a feminist point of view, it means targeting the complexities of both mainstream and feminism. It explores issues such as the creation of the biological body, criticism of mainstream feminism by caste-based politics, a uniform civil code, sexuality and sexual desire, the feminization of domestic labor and the construction of masculinity in the shadow of patriarchy.

Special Offer (Rajkamal Publication)
Rajkamal Publications has given a special offer to the readers for both these books. Under this, they can get both the books together with a special gift at 30 per cent discount. This offer is valid till 20th June.

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