Do you know how many things aluminum foil makes easy

You must be using aluminum foil everyday. But just to wrap lunch and dinner. But do you know that aluminum foil is not only used to keep food warm, but also makes many such tasks easy which feel very difficult to see. Let us know about some hacks related to aluminum foil, which will help in making many of your difficult tasks easier.

Can press the clothes of both the sides simultaneously

Pressing clothes is very laborious and boring work. But the need to do this work is almost everyday. By the way, only after pressing one side of the clothes, the clothes of the other side are pressed. Which takes a lot of time. But with the help of aluminum foil, you can press both sides of the clothes at once. For this, lay the aluminum foil on an iron board or press place, then put the clothes on it and press it. This heats up the aluminum foil very quickly and it helps to press the clothes on the other side in the same way. Like you are doing on the first side.

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Improves Wi-Fi signal

Many times it happens that the Wi-Fi signal comes in a good way in any one place or room of the house. So the signal remains weak at any other place in the same house. Due to which your net related work will be very difficult. You can use aluminum foil to improve the Wi-Fi signal. For this, you can put aluminum foil on the top of the Wi-Fi antenna by curving it. This gives power to the signals and improves internet connectivity.

Helps remove rust stains

You can also take the help of aluminum foil to remove rust stains. For this, you take aluminum foil and crush it in a fist and make a ball of it. Now soak this ball in cold water. After this, rub this ball lightly on the rusty place. Due to this, the rust stains gradually start removing.

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Scissors – for sharpening knife

Scissors – The knife’s edge starts getting weak while using it several times. You can also take help of aluminum foil to make it faster. For this, keep cutting the aluminum foil ten-fifteen times with weak-edged scissors or a knife. This causes the torrent to accelerate. Along with this, you can take a big piece of aluminum foil and fold it and rub it on the edge of the scissor-knife for some time.

Clean the plate of the press (iron can)

While pressing the clothes, many times the iron plate starts burning and turning black. So sometimes due to the burning of the cloth while pressing it also turns black. You can use aluminum foil to clean it. For this, crush the aluminum foil by hand and make a ball. Rub it on the iron plate with light hands. This will clear the plate. Along with this, you can also adopt another method. Spread some salt on the aluminum foil. Now press this foil in the same way as you press the cloth. This will also clear the iron plate. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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