Gold and silver prices rose after the lockdown, know at what rate gold is being sold today

New Delhi. Gold, Silver Price Today, 11 June 2021: The effect of the second wave of corona in the country has started decreasing, along with the government has relaxed the corona curfew imposed in many cities. After the lockdown, the luster of gold and silver has started increasing. Today, along with gold, the price of silver has also increased tremendously. On Friday, on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), the price of August futures gold has increased by 0.20 percent.

Gold Price Today

Today, the August futures gold rate on MCX has increased by 0.20 percent to Rs 49,296 per 10 grams.

Silver Price TodayOn the other hand, if we talk about the rate of silver, today it is trading at Rs 72,367 per kg with an increase of 0.51 percent on MCX.

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Still cheaper than record level

If seen, the price of gold is still less than the record level by Rs 7,000. Let us tell you that in August last year, gold rates went up to 56,200. This year gold is down by about Rs 7,000 from a record high as compared to last year.

Why is the rise in gold coming

Gold is being considered a safe investment amid declining earnings of the US Treasury, a soft US dollar and rising concerns over the third wave of the Corona epidemic, so gold prices are seeing a rise.

Check accuracy like this

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