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People with oily skin have to face a lot of problems in summer. Due to frequent sweating, the skin looks lifeless and sticky and no makeup of any kind stays on it. There is no exposure to sunlight or coming out that stickiness starts appearing on the face. This is the reason that oily skin needs more care in summer than normal skin. Due to excessive activity of oil glands in oily skin, dust and soil particles stick on the skin. In such a situation, the face looks worse. At the same time, there are problems like allergies, irritation, acne on the skin, they are different. However, by adopting some skin care tips, you can be seen blooming even in summer-

Facewash is oil free
Keeping oily skin clean is very important. For this your face wash should also be oil free. Take the help of cleansing there. Use a light oil based cleanser for this.

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Don’t do heavy makeup
If you have oily skin, then avoid heavy makeup in summer. Instead, use a mild moisturizer. At the same time, avoid rubbing the face when sweating.

scrubbing is essential
Oily skin scrubbing is essential. Due to this, the dust and soil accumulated on the skin, dead cells are removed and the pores are cleaned. Your skin gets cleaned from inside.

Get oil free face mask
If you have oily skin then you can also choose oil free face mask. This will remove the excess oil from your face. Due to this, excess oil will not come on the face.

use rose water spray
In summer, use rose water spray to make the skin appear bright all day long. Due to this, the sticky face due to sweat looks better. Plus you’ll feel better.

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sunscreen oil free
Apply oil free sunscreen before stepping out of the house in summer. This will protect the skin from the strong rays of the sun. Also, the face will not be sticky and many skin related problems will be removed. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert)

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