Onion production will be increased in UP after maharashtra madhya pradesh rajasthan and karnataka dlnh

Noida. If we talk about the production of potatoes, then UP has the first place in the country. But in the case of Onion, UP is backward. UP has to buy about 70 percent of the onion requirement from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Onion makes more and more cry when the price of onion rises at a particular time. But now the UP government will make more profit for the farmers on growing onions. At the same time, due to the production of onions of necessity in UP itself, customers will not have to buy expensive onions. For growing onions in one hectare, farmers will be given an assistance of Rs 12,000. At the same time, according to the rules laid down by the government, the farmers of Gautam Budh Nagar can also grow onions here.

The government wants onions to be grown in such a place

To boost onion production, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has announced an assistance of Rs 12,000 to farmers for growing onions in one hectare. But the rule is that farmers will have to grow onions on such land where rain water does not fill. According to the experts of Gautam Buddha Nagar related to agriculture, there is a lot of land in his district where rain water does not fill. In such a situation, onion cultivation will prove to be very beneficial for them, because many big mandis will be available to them to sell onions in Delhi-NCR.

UP eats 15 lakh metric tonnes of onions in a yearAccording to Horticulture Department Director RK Tomar, about 15 lakh metric tonnes of onion is consumed every year in UP. Whereas in both Ravi and Kharif seasons, a total of 4.70 lakh metric tonnes of onion is produced in UP. The big reason for this is that at present, onion is being cultivated on only 28,538 hectares of land in UP.

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At the same time, according to agriculture experts, one lakh hectares of land is needed to promote onion production in UP and to cultivate 15 lakh metric tonnes of onion. When onion cultivation starts in one lakh hectares of land, then the need of UP will be fulfilled and it will not have to buy onions from other states.

Agriculture expert of UP has made a plan for this. Under the scheme, priority will be given to production of onions in such districts where rain water does not fill. For this, the Expert Committee has selected the districts of Varanasi, Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Ghazipur, Kaushambi, Kanpur, Fatehpur, Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Etawah and Bundelkhand situated on the banks of Ganga. Along with this, the farmers have also been appealed that if they have such land where the rain water does not fill, then they can come forward and join this scheme and can also take advantage of the government’s scheme.

Government will also give seeds to farmers to increase production

Agrifound Dark Red, Bhima Super and Line 883 seeds are being provided to the farmers for better onion crop in UP. Farmers will get better quality of onion from this seed and more onion will be produced per hectare area. Normally, about 150 to 200 quintals of onion is produced in one hectare area at a cost of about 50 thousand rupees. The use of these seeds will increase the yield of onion and the income of the farmers will also increase. At present, this experiment, started to promote onion production, will be implemented in the next Ravi season also, so that every year onion production is promoted and more and more farmers show enthusiasm in cultivating onions.

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