Prohibition on the arrival of spectators in the match, then ‘sex dolls’ sat on empty chairs

sex dolls in stadium stands

sex dolls in stadium stands

While watching the match online, the eyes of the fans fell on those dolls sitting in the stand.

New Delhi. Most of the country is under lockdown due to Coronavirus. Due to this, sports events are also stalled. However, in some countries the players have returned to the field and tournaments have also started. But the effect of corona virus on these tournaments is clearly visible. Players are keeping distance from each other and matches are being played without spectators. Although it is difficult to play a match without an audience, a football club in South Korea broke it and then they also faced criticism after that. Seeing the matter growing, this club later apologized.

Actually, South Korea’s top football championship has started, which was earlier to start from February 29, but it was postponed due to Corona virus. On Sunday, FC Seoul played a match against Gwangju at their home ground and during this match, the host club made sex dolls sit on chairs to fill the empty stands of spectators. However, his action was caught by the fans only.

Got the whole thing like this

The fans were watching this match online and in the meantime their eyes fell on the stand, where the fans saw some boards in the audience stand. After that he understood the whole matter. Fans said that it is surprising that the club did not notice that the dolls that have been seated on the chair are adult things. Given the seriousness of the matter, the club apologized on Instagram and Facebook. He said that he apologizes to the fans for the mistake made during the 17th match of the league. FC Seoul said that these dolls looked like real people. Before allowing them to sit there, it was checked that it was not related to the adult thing and it was told that they would be the effigy commonly used to display clothes. The club said that it was their mistake without any explanation and apologizes. Good news for football fans, the English Premier League is about to start!

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