Grilled Lemon Margarita Recipe: Grilled Lemon Margarita is refreshing, will give relief from summer

Grilled lemon margarita Recipe For Summer: In the summer season, many times one feels like drinking something refreshing and very cold, but apart from some things, special options are not understood. You can drink Grilled Lemon Margarita to beat the summer. Its minty and lemon taste is very good. Today we have brought for you the recipe of Grilled Lemon Margarita. Are you ready to make Grilled Lemon Margarita by adopting Cooking Tips?

Ingredients for Grilled Lemon Margarita:
20 ml (ml) vanilla liqueur
50 ml (ml) lemon juice
50 ml (ml) vanilla infused tequila
3/4 lemon , grilled
Lemon (for garnishing) , Grilled

Recipe for Grilled Lemon Margarita:

To make Grilled Lemon Margarita, grill the lemons. After that grate it.

Now put grated lemon, vanilla liqueur, lemon juice, vanilla infused tequila and ice cubes in a shaker and shake well.

-Apply salt on the rim of the serving glass. Now filter this drink by applying a double stainer in it.

Your Grilled Lemon Margarita is ready. Enjoy it with snacks.

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