Invest in LIC Nivesh Plus Plan and get double return check details varpat

New Delhi. If you are making up your mind about investing but there is a dilemma in your mind that how and where to invest, then this news is of great use to you. Let us tell you that there is a scheme of LIC, where you can earn good profits by investing. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) from time to time launches insurance plans according to the needs of the people. Investing in LIC not only provides life cover, but also gives a good return on maturity. The most important thing about LIC is that the money invested in it can never sink, because the government gives Sovereign Guarantee on the amount deposited here. LIC’s Nivesh Plus plan is a single premium, non-participating, unit-linked and individual life insurance, which offers the option of investment along with insurance during the term of the policy.

Know everything about the plan

You can buy this plan offline as well as online. The policy taker also has the facility to choose Basic Sum Assured. The sum assured options are 1.25 times the single premium or 10 times the single premium. There are 4 types of funds available in this plan. These are bond funds, secured funds, balanced funds and growth funds. You can invest in any of these as per your wish.

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The minimum entry age for taking LIC Nivesh Plus plan is 90 days to 65 years. At the same time, the tenure of the policy is 10 to 35 years and the lock-in period is 5 years. The minimum limit on the premium is Rs 1 lakh, that is, you have to invest at least Rs 1 lakh in it. At the same time, there is no maximum limit for investment in this. Maximum maturity age is 85 years. If the policyholder survives till the policy term, he/she receives maturity benefit, which is equal to the unit fund value. It is available after the policy term is over. Apart from this, the company gives free-look period to its customer. There is a free-look period of 15 days if the policy is purchased directly from the company and 30 days if purchased online. During this time the customer can return the policy.

This is how the policy works

If the insured dies during the policy term, the nominee is entitled to receive the death benefit. If the policyholder dies before the date of commencement of risk, the nominee gets an amount equal to the Unit Fund Value. In LIC Nivesh Plus plan, the company allows customers to make partial withdrawals after the 6th policy year. In case of minors, partial withdrawal is allowed after the age of 18 years.

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One time investment

In this policy, the person buying the insurance has to make a one-time payment. LIC invests this fund as per the preference of the policyholder. In this, you can choose the duration of the policy between 10 to 25 years.

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