This sugar stock will make you rich, the company presented great results in the March quarter

New Delhi: If you are also planning to invest money in any stock to earn from the market, then this is good news for you. Khambata Securities has given a buy call on Vishwaraj Sugar Industries. Expert has advised to buy this stock with a target of Rs 211. If investors are looking for stocks to earn good money from the market, then you can invest money in it. Let us tell you that the price of this stock was trading at Rs 159 on the last trading day.

Let us tell you that the market cap of Vishwaraj Sugar Industries is currently Rs 599 crore. The company’s results have also been very good in the quarter ended March 31. The company’s total revenue increased to Rs 16,172 lakh (Q4FY21) from Rs 10,957 (Q4FY20) lakh for the quarter ended March 31, 2021.

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Board paid dividend of Rs.Apart from this, PAT also turned positive in FY 2021. Apart from this, there has also been an improvement in the loss of the company. The profit of the company was 788.05 lakh in FY 2020, which increased to Rs 829.29 lakh in FY 2021. Apart from this, the board has also recommended a dividend of Rs.

Know what the MD of the company said

VSIL Managing Director Nikhil Katti said that sugar production is expected to remain strong this fiscal as higher levels of sugarcane planting are expected which will be driven by good monsoon in CY21. Also, droughts in Brazil and Thailand have presented opportunities for Indian sugar. We believe that short supply will keep the international sugar prices up in the near future. We believe that short supply will keep the international sugar prices up in the near future.

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What is the business of the company

Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited (VSIL), is a Karnataka based integrated sugar company that produces sugar, power, ethanol and alcohol based vinegar. The company’s production facility is located at Belad Bagewadi in Belgaum district of North West Karnataka, which is designated as a high recovery zone for sugar. The sugarcane crushing capacity of VSIL is 10,500 tonnes per day.

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