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Deepanshu Goyal

I am travel writer. Because of this, sometimes people of acquaintance and sometimes unknown also keep taking advice related to travel. Before the lockdown, such messages or calls used to come frequently. In late February, before the lockdown, advice was sought by a family that was going to visit Malaysia. I came back from Sabah in Malaysia in the second week of February. The caller was scheduled to go to Malaysia in the third week of March. Till that time the talk like lockdown had not started but precautions were being taken in Malaysia. I told them that for now you can go but keep an eye on the situation. After that he did not make any contact. Hope they didn’t go.

After that, due to the lockdown for the next three months, no one asked for advice related to travel. But sometime after the start of the unlock, in the last two months four-five people have asked me whether I should go on travel now and then where to go. I consider myself a stroller but am not thinking about travel at all right now. The fear of Corona has not gone from the heart yet. In such a situation, for people thinking of going out of the city for travel, so far my answer has been ‘no’.

Everyone’s opinion may be different about this, but the current figures of Corona are not able to give me the courage to leave the house. Corona is coming in front of us more powerful than before. The countries of the world which were considering themselves to be free from corona are facing the second wave of corona. Europe has opened up but cases have started coming again rapidly.

Still, if you want to go on a journey, then I have written some points on what you should keep in mind. Before planning a trip, you can keep these things in mind-

Corona status in your area (corona update)
If you want to go out for travel, then first of all pay attention to what is the condition of corona in your area. If you are in a hot spot or containment zone in terms of corona, then it is better that you postpone your travel plans for a few days. If you live in a containment zone, there may be a possibility that you may not show symptoms of corona but you can spread corona to other places. Now the condition of getting corona test done anywhere in the country has also been removed by the central government. State governments are also slowly removing it. In such a situation, it becomes your social responsibility not to contribute in spreading corona.

Getting tested for corona can be an option. But even this is not 100% effective. You can be infected with corona even after getting the test done and reaching some place. When someone is asymptomatic, one would even come to know and we start spreading corona unknowingly.

The example of Chennai Super Kings team of IPL is in front of everyone. The team members had gone to Dubai only after the report of Corona negative came. As soon as they reached Dubai, everyone was also isolated in different rooms of the hotel, but even after this, 12 members of the team in Dubai turned out to be Corona positive.

Corona situation wherever you want to go
The second important thing is that where you want to go to visit, take complete information about what is the condition of corona. It may be that where you live there may be less cases of corona, but where you are planning to go, there may be more cases. When this happens, it is wise to choose another place to visit. If the number of cases in that place is less then that area can be comparatively safe for you. When going to a place with less cases, it becomes your responsibility to adopt all the safety measures so that you do not have any role in spreading corona there.

A few days ago there was news that hotel owners and people of some villages in Himachal do not want outsiders to visit Himachal because very few cases of corona are coming in Himachal and tourists can bring corona with them.

Healthcare facilities
Also pay attention to what is the condition of health facilities in the area where you are going. It is very important to know whether you will be able to get the right medical treatment in the area of ​​the country or abroad you are going to. If you are away from big cities or towns, then find out how far good hospitals will be from you.

What will happen if found corona positive (COVID‐19 Positive Test Report)
If you are going for a walk, then there may be a possibility that after reaching some place, you may get corona infected. In such a situation, find out what are the rules at that place if tourists are found to be corona positive? If you are going anywhere in the country, then check the rules of that state. The situation abroad can be more difficult because the expensive expenses of treatment or quarantine abroad can create problems.

Health Insurance Plans
Nowadays many people already have health insurance. In case of need, health insurance can come in handy to cover the cost of your treatment. Most health insurance is applicable within the country only. In view of the situation of corona, get information from your insurance company about things related to the treatment of corona. Generally, the treatment of corona is included in all health insurance, yet take sure information. If you do not have health insurance, it is better to buy insurance before you go. If you want, you can also take health insurance specially brought for Kovid, in this you get the facility of treatment of corona at a very low premium.

Travel Insurance
If you are going out of the country, then definitely carry travel insurance. Travel insurance comes in handy in case you need medical treatment while traveling abroad. Get complete information about whether the treatment related to corona virus is included in travel insurance or not. After Corona was declared an epidemic, many companies had taken it out of the purview of travel insurance. But now that travel has started reopening and there is talk of adopting the new normal, there may be some changes in the travel insurance rules related to Corona. By the way, whether the treatment of corona is included or not, travelers going abroad must take travel insurance.

How to Choose Hotel
Choosing the right hotel is very important at the time of Corona. Find out what measures the hotel is taking regarding the cleanliness of the rooms. Many big hotel groups have decided that before giving a room to a guest, it should be sanitized and kept closed for a few hours. Hotel reviews can be seen on Tripadvisior, to know what kind of measures the hotel is adopting. The experiences of the people who stayed before you can help in making the right decision. Information about hotels can also be found on Google.

Transportation services
After the start of unlocking in the country, air and rail service has started for some cities. It is being increased gradually. Be sure to know about the means of transport going to the place where you are planning to go. If you have a car then going by your own car is a safer option. Be careful while traveling by plane or train.

After all, this is to say that pay attention to the sentence of ‘Jaan hai toh jahan hai’. The places related to travel are not going anywhere. Therefore, if possible, try to avoid traveling until the effect of Korana subsides.

Dipanshu Goyal is a travel writer and YouTuber. Deepanshu is fond of traveling. He also runs his own Hindi language blog and YouTube channel on wandering experiences. Dipanshu Goyal has traveled to many parts of the country and the world. You love trekking in the high mountains of the Himalayas. The name of his blog is ‘Duniya Dekho’ (duniadekho).

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