Brazil and Argentina’s tough rivalry that takes violent form on the field

Violence broke out between players from Brazil and Argentina

Violence broke out between players from Brazil and Argentina

Argentina and Brazil are neighboring countries that are fiercely competitive in football.

New Delhi. In football, club matches are given more preference in today’s time. However, in the case of countries, there are some such matches which are very difficult for any football fan to ignore. When the two countries of South America, Brazil and Argentina, land on the football field, they see only victory. The zeal to win between the two is so strong that the players clash with each other, to separate them, the police have to come on the field. Every match is considered to be do or die where the goal scorer becomes the superstar of the country.

what is political history

This fight has been going on between Brazil and Argentina since years ago. Uruguay gained independence from 1825–1928 after a three-sided battle between Spain, Argentina and Brazil. This was the first time that the two countries were facing each other. After this, a war broke out between the two over Paraguay. The two neighboring countries held many peace talks with each other in the last century, but it does not seem to have any effect on the field. The matches between the two countries in any major tournament are more important than that championship. Many big newspapers have described this rivalry as the heritage of football.

what are recordsBrazil has won the FIFA World Cup title five times so far and is the only country to participate in it every year. The first match between the two teams was played in 1914. Since then both the teams have come face to face about 105 times. Out of these, Argentina has won 38 matches, while Brazil has won 41 matches out of which 26 were drawn. During these matches Argentina has scored 160 and Brazil has scored 163 goals. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times so far, while Argentina has won the title only once. There have been 31 matches between the two in the Copa America, out of which Argentina has won 14 and Brazil has won nine. In 60 friendly matches, Brazil has won 25 matches, Argentina has won 20 and 16 matches have been drawn.

This rivalry gave the star

The rivalry has not only been between the countries but it has also been between the star players of those countries. In the last century, it was seen between the Brazilian legend Pele and the Argentine legend Diego Maradona. Maradona was voted Player of the Century by FIFA in 2000, after which sports journalists around the world called Pele the best player of the century, which was strongly opposed by Argentine fans. While Maradona has named Lionel Messi as his successor, Pele considers Neymar Jr. The two players used to play together for Barcelona until some time before Neymar moved to PSG. However, there was a tough competition between the two playing for the country.

players become violent

The fierce competition between the two often took the form of violence. In 1939, the Roca Cup was played between Argentina and Brazil, in which Argentina won 5–1 in the first match. There was a tough fight between the two, although in the end the score was tied at 2-2. At the last minute, the referee awarded a penalty to Brazil, which enraged Argentina’s Arcadio López and attacked the referee, after which the police had to come to the field. At the same time in 1946, Jair Rosa of Brazil broke the leg of Argentem captain Jose Salomone in the match of South America Championship. After this the police came again and separated the players, Argentina won the match 2–0 but Salomon could never play football again.

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