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Corona And Child Depression: For a long time, Corona has troubled people all over the world. From the elderly to the small children, everyone is going through this difficult phase. In these conditions people are facing many kinds of problems. Doing work from home has increased many types of physical problems in people. People are getting troubled by their increasing weight. So there are many people having trouble in the muscles. It is also having an effect on Mental Health. People are getting stressed due to being locked in the house for a long time. There is another big problem on which people’s attention is less, but it is increasing. This problem is the increasing stress in children. Daily newspaper According to the news of this, it has increased to such an extent that children are even thinking of committing suicide.

In this regard, Consultant Psychologist Dr. Pragya Rashmi says that schools are closed due to Corona epidemic. Children are not able to play sports. There is no walking around with friends and companions. Children’s outings, shopping are all closed. Wherever you look, stressful things are happening and all this is affecting the children badly. So their behavior is changing. At the same time, depression is also seen in many children. However, Dr Pragya believes that seeing the parents doing work from home in lockdown, there has been some positive effect in the children.

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Children are learning from parents
Doctor Pragya says that the children are learning a lot by watching the parents doing work from home. Even though the parents doing work from home are not able to give much time to the children, but by staying with them, the children feel secure. Children are beginning to understand how their parents work in the office. How much work pressure is there on them? Children learn how to work with patience while sitting in one place. At the same time, he is also understanding the responsibility of the work.

Children understand work pressure
Referring to a case, the doctor told that an eight-year-old child seeing his mother, a chartered accountant, working, says how many problems my mother has to do throughout the day. At the same time, when a child notices every day that even while eating food, his parents have to respond to calls or emails continuously, then he starts to understand the work pressure. Many times children see their parents working and try to do small tasks on their own and become responsible.

Doctor Pragya says that when the work pressure is high, the parents themselves become irritable. Due to work, he is unable to deal with his stress, then his children start getting depressed. In fact, when parents repeatedly tell the children in the middle of work that we are busy from here now, it makes the children feel that they are being ignored. Ignorance becomes the biggest cause of depression in most children.

let the children shout
According to Dr Pragya, the parents scolded the children many times and forbade them to attack. In such a situation, the voice pressure in children remains high. Children are not able to express their happiness openly. He gradually becomes so calm that he starts to remain silent. Therefore, until the children start getting out of the house, their physical activity does not become the same as before, then do not stop them again and again on these things. It would be nice if you too would join in their happiness by making a ruckus like them. This is especially important for children who are single, who do not have any siblings. It becomes very important for the parents to be involved with such children because these children start feeling alone.

Sometimes parents, in order to protect their children from the strange things of the outside world, keep them away from the right information. Parents think that children do not need to know what is going on at this time but according to Dr. Pragya this is absolutely wrong. Tell the children what an epidemic is and why it is important for them to stay at home at this time. Often parents tell their children what not to do, but they are not able to give correct information about what to do. Talk openly with children.

Teenagers are more prone to depression
Most teenagers have been affected by the corona epidemic. Cancellation of board exams, closure of schools and colleges, not being able to meet friends, worry about career, all these have led to an increase in depression and anxiety. Doctor Pragya says that most cases of depression are being reported in teenagers. It is important that parents pay attention to the children and talk to them openly.

behave like this with teenagers
Doctor Pragya says that to save teenagers from depression, it is necessary that parents talk to them openly and find solutions to their problems. Talk to the children about their studies and their career in the right way, tell them good and positive options. Instead of scaring them, encourage them.

Take care of the only child like this

It is normal for children to be sad at this time, but it is the job of parents to protect children from their feelings. According to Dr. Pragya, you can help children by managing their bad feelings. Do not ignore them in any way.

-Parents consider themselves to be the protectors of children, especially those who are only children, but this method makes children more vulnerable. Children should be taught to live life by accepting their feelings and winning over disappointments.

elder brother or sister take care of younger
According to Dr. Pragya, in today’s time, children have turned away from their friends. In such a situation, if he gets his friend at home, then his mental health will remain good. If the elder brother or sister will play with the younger siblings or become their friends, then this will strengthen the bonding between them. They will always think of each other and take care of each other.

do physical activity daily
A correct routine is very important for children in the Corona period. This makes the children feel good. According to Dr. Pragya, making a routine brings certainty in life. It also helps to think ahead. Therefore, include physical activity in your daily habits. Keep the children busy in some work throughout the day. Actually physical activity helps to eliminate and avoid depression. Go out for a little walk with the kids.

How to save children from depression
Make sure to include children in your life. Do your thing with them.
Parents should also be involved in the lives of children. Talk openly with children.
Keep children physically active every day.
Don’t ignore the kids. Find solutions to their problems.
Keep an eye on the online activity of children.
Keep an eye on who are the friends of the children.
Contact your doctor if you see any symptoms of depression.

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Symptoms of depression in children
According to Dr Pragya, when children are clinically depressed, they start losing interest in things. If you are not able to enjoy any activity, you can say with confidence that it is abnormal for the child. This is the most common symptom of depression. Apart from this, there are other symptoms as well, such as the child starts eating and sleeping more or less than before. With this, he becomes more calm or irritable. If this lasts for more than two weeks or is happening daily, then it is a matter of concern. In this case you can consult a pediatrician. You can also take help of the nearest local mental health clinic or hospital. You can also call child line 1022 for help.

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