Start this powerful profitable business, will earn up to 9 lakhs, the government will also help

New Delhi: In the midst of increasing pollution across the country, the central government has also banned plastic … in such a situation you can start the business of paper cups. Let us tell you that there is a lot of demand for paper cup business these days. Apart from this, in this business you can earn more profit in less money. The special thing is that the government is also helping under the Mudra scheme to set up a paper cup manufacturing unit. Let us tell you that the project report has also been prepared by the central government, in which the complete calculation of the profit from the cost of starting the business has been given. Let us tell you about the details of this business –

For doing this business you will need 500 square feet area. Expenses for machinery, equipment, equipment and furniture, die, electrification, installation and pre-operative – Rs 10.70 lakh

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Salary paid to works If you keep both skilled and unskilled workers here, then you will spend about Rs 35000 per month on this.Expenditure on Raw Material: Rs 3.75 lakh

Spending on Utilities: 6000 rupees

Other Expenses: Rs 20,500

how much profit can you earn

If you start this business and work for 300 days a year, then you can prepare 2.20 crore units of paper cups in about 300 days. Apart from this, you can sell for about 30 paise per cup or glass.

government will help

Let us tell you that help is also available in this business from the Mudra loan of the Central Government. That is, you can start this business even by taking a loan. Under Mudra loan, the government gives subsidy on interest. Under this scheme, you will have to invest 25% of the total project cost on your own. The government will give 75 percent loan under the Mudra scheme.

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where do you get the machine

Paper cup making machines are available in many cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Agra and Ahmedabad. Companies doing engineering work to prepare such machines.

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