Sushant Singh Rajput did top in engineering, was out of the hostel in the first semester, had a lot of fun in college

Mumbai: Today is the first anniversary of the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. On 14 June 2020, the actor was found dead at his Bandra home in Mumbai. Not only his family but also his fans have not forgotten the sorrow of his departure. After the death of the actor, it was told that he was a victim of depression. However, till now the mystery of his death has not been solved. At a very young age, he said goodbye to this world, but at this young age he had achieved a lot. Sushant was as much a brilliant actor as he was a great student. Sushant, who was interested in the world of moon and stars, had done many wonders in the field of studies as well. Let us tell you about his college life.

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