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Archana Chaturvedi is counted among the well-known satirists of Hindi. Archana has mastered in giving words to a woman and especially the domestic lady through which events she goes through throughout the day and these incidents in satire. Satires written in Brajbhasha have been in the news a lot.

By the way, the effect of the lockdown has been on every section of the society, every business. It cannot even be imagined what the lockdown has brought in the life of a domestic woman between the request of her imprisoned husband and the quartet of children. But Archana Chaturvedi has raised this aspect in a very interesting way through a letter, read for it ‘Indian woman’s letter to God due to lockdown‘.

Oh Kanha! First of all we salute you. We not only have full hope but also believe that everyone will be safe at your home.

O descendants! We are writing this letter to you with a very sad heart. What is it that in our country there is no one to understand the plight of us women. The country is in trouble right now, we are the women of India in more trouble.

Earlier we thought that Sankat Mochan is Hanuman ji, we should write a letter to him, but what is it that if he is a celibate, he is not married, then how will we understand the misery of women? So I am writing to you. If you are a wife-child, you handle many wives at once, then everyone will feel the pain of a miser like us in a minute.

You live in Baikunth and trouble has come on earth. There is such a severe pain that everyone is imprisoned in the house and we women are suffering the most due to this. how? so listen..

At first our husbands used to go to the office for the whole day and the children used to go to school for half the day, then for tuition and sports and we used to live our life very comfortably. Sometimes kitty party, sometimes shopping, sometimes rest. Now everyone is sitting at home and we are busy in the kitchen and utensils throughout the day.

By the time the breakfast is not over in the morning, they start asking for lunch. After finishing the work after lunch and sit for two hours, then it is time for evening tea and breakfast.. If they finish all, then it is time for dinner.. Even if you sleep at night, the same thought would come. Is that what will be in the morning meal? Our condition is so bad that even in dreams at night, vegetables and dirty utensils have started appearing.

Tell you one thing, when the husband is at home all day, it becomes more dangerous than the mother-in-law. The whole day puts a stop to everything. Why is this stuff kept here ..why the fridge was not cleaned ..why are the clothes kept here ..etc. Better than this, we were good only with the mother-in-law in the village. At least in some work, she used to share her hands.

This man named husband himself does not help by taking the excuse of office work, gives orders from above all day as if we are running a hotel. We have to see the budget as well as we are running the house for half the salary. And there is not even more work, so all the work has fallen on our soft shoulders.

To whom shall we tell our sorrow? Now the mood is not getting fresh even for an hour or two. By the way, our phones have been occupied by children. Nowadays studies are done on that. Even when we get the phone, we cannot talk to anyone because husband and children listen. We cannot do evil to mother-in-law.

The mind wants to do evil to this husband who sits on his head like a mother-in-law all day.. When do we sleep, when do we wake up, how much we eat, whom we talk to, keeps an eye on everything. We are starting to fear that we will go mad seeing the spying eyes of the husband and the appearance of Babaji with the increased hair and hair..

Earlier going to kitty and meeting friends used to become green. Used to do evil and good on the phone for 2-4 hours. Used to watch TV serials of his choice and used to sleep comfortably in the afternoon. Now it seems like a dream.

We have suffocated. Mall is closed, shopping is closed, beauty parlor is closed… if you don’t feel like making it, you can’t eat it by asking for food from outside. Think how much pressure we are under.

Earlier, we used to go to the beauty parlor and live a little, then these husband-like creatures used to speak to us with a little love.. Now seeing our face, we look for opportunities to run away. Looking for office work. What is their fault in this too, with a light mustache-beard without a parlor, with eyebrows like a cruel Singh, we also look no less terrible.. have been eaten and eaten from above.

Lord! Get this corona out of here soon. Otherwise we are telling the truth, the poor women of this country will become unformed, ugly and babli lying at home. We are afraid that half of the women of the country may not get divorced. Hey Kanha! We request you with folded hands, spin your wheel and kill this corona-like monster so that we can live our life again.. can rule the house and breathe freely.

Just like Draupadi’s rag saved, similarly save our lives, Lord! As soon as we get the letter, take immediate measures to remove our grievances.

your own
A sad Indian woman.

Archana Chaturvedi
Archana Chaturvedi has worked in various TV channels including Doordarshan, CNBC and CNN-IBN for more than a decade in various positions. Currently doing freelance writing. Your story and satire have been published in all the newspapers and magazines of the country.Archana Chaturvedi’s ‘Mard Shikar Par Hain’, ‘Sharafat Ka Tokra’, ‘Gali Tamashe Wali’, ‘Nazarbattu’ and ‘Ghooro Magar Pyar Se’ satirical collections have been published.

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