World Blood Donor Day 2021: Blood donors saved many lives regardless of life during the Corona period

World Blood Donor Day 2021: The World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Blood Donor Day 2021 every year on 14 June. World Blood Donor Day aims to raise global awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products. The global health community comes together on this day to celebrate the significant contribution made by voluntary workers, unpaid blood donors to their respective health systems to the general public.

The importance of blood donation in the midst of the corona virus epidemic once again draws attention to this. During the pandemic, when it was really difficult to go anywhere due to the lockdown and there were many other challenges, blood donors donated blood and plasma of patients in many other countries including India.

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However, last month the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Union Health Ministry removed the use of convalescent plasma for COVID-19 from their clinical management protocol after The Lancet published the results of the recovery clinical trial. . The medical journal noted that transfusions of blood and plasma with antibodies to the patient at high doses failed to improve the patient’s chances of survival after 28 days.

However, at a time when the healthcare infrastructure is flooded with COVID cases, patients with other life-threatening medical conditions like thalassemia, anemia and blood disorders need to get this vital medical service. The lack of blood during delivery also affects women because many times the mother dies due to bleeding at the time of delivery.

Therefore, this year WHO has come out with a slogan ‘Give blood and keep defeating the world’ for the contribution of blood donors across the world. It is about the important and organized work of blood donors in the time of medical emergency in the country and the world. In donating blood during the pandemic, many blood donors may be worried about infection and this is also inevitable. But in this regard, WHO says that blood donation is a noble cause and many lives can be saved by this.

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