Apply Corona Vaccine and get a car worth 10 lakhs free! Know which country started this unique scheme

New Delhi. last near one and a half year from corona Pandemic (Covid 19) has Complete world In havoc wreaked is. From this escape of for About every influenced countries In vaccination campaign (vaccination drive ) drove go doing is. On one hand, while many states including Delhi in India are facing the shortage of vaccine, some countries of Citizen now vaccination In more interest No show are Huh whose reason from their for governments many offer Present Tax doing Huh.

Russia has Ours country In vaccination campaign In fast bring of for One unique offer gave is. Russia of Capital Moscow of Mayor has Declaration of is that that Too corona Vaccine of dosage will get it installed them new car free In given Will go Maharashtra Times In printed news of according to moscow of mayor Sergei sobyanin (Sergei Sobyanin) has last Sunday To this Announcement did is that corona Vaccine to install the ones To 10 lakh Rupees By of cost of brand New car free In given Will go they expectation expressed is that From this vaccination of rate In improvement Will happen because people To One new car House take go To mill doing is whose Attraction In people vaccination of Per interest Show. tell me give that last some days In country In corona vaccination campaign of Speed dim Hui is.

In this way you will get a new car

Sergei Sobyanin has said that 14 June from 18 or from him more age of people this offer of Benefit picking Can Huh. Plan of Advantage lifting the ones people To corona Vaccine of First Dosage to take mandatory Will happen. this Plan Only 11 July By applicable Will stay offer of Announcement Do Time They this Too clear did is that All people To car No given will go Rather lottery of through car given will go And Winners of Name Lucky draw of Through decide did will go. Moscow of mayor has said that next some days By every week In About 5 car distributed of will go And total together Lucky draw of medium from approximately 20 cars To free of cost In Commentary to install the ones lucky draw of Winners To gave will go.

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Moscow is most affected by the virus

noteworthy is that Russia In from all more corona Infection Capital moscow In hee spread out is. there Russia of Capital Moscow In Sunday To corona of 7,704 new case Front come Huh. these Number 24 December of after from One day In get go the ones new patients of from all more Number is. whole Russia In 14,723 new case recorded done went Huh that that 13 February of after from One day In get go the ones from all more patients of Number In from all more is.

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