Soon the master plan of New Noida will be made, the people living in Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad will be of great benefit

New Delhi: There is a big news for the people living in Bulandshahr, Ghaziabad and Gautam Budh Nagar. Now new Noida will be established in 80 villages of these three cities. A Delhi-based company has also been selected to prepare the master plan of the new city. The master plan will be ready in 8 to 10 months. Work on the master plan will start from July. The new city will be named Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment Zone.

Let us tell you that a new city is being built by merging 80 villages. In terms of business, the new city will be a big hub of industry. A part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor will also be formed here.

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SPA has been chosen for master plan, not IITAccording to the officials associated with the Noida Authority, IIT Delhi and Kharagpur had also applied to prepare the master plan of the new Noida. But on the basis of rate, Delhi’s company School of Planning and Architecture has been selected. Starting work in July, this company will prepare the master plan in 8 to 10 months. While preparing the plan, the company has also been told that the new city is to be settled on the basis of integrated city.

All this will happen in the industry hub of the new city

According to the OSD of Noida Authority, SEZ will also be developed in this scheme. Industrial units, industrial estates, agro and food processing zones, IT, ITS and biotech zones, skill development centers, knowledge hubs, logistics hubs and integrated townships under SEZ will be given opportunity in this scheme. He says that Noida Authority has been selected for this big and important project in view of Noida’s experience and planning of CEO Ritu Maheshwari.

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Significantly, the investment zone of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Railway corridor will be developed in the new city. This corridor will pass through seven states Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, Southern Haryana, East Rajasthan, East Gujarat, Western Maharashtra and Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

A new city will be built in these villages

These will be the villages of Gautam Buddha Nagar-

Anandpur, Beel Akbarpur, Berangpur alias Nai Basti, Chandrawal, Cheerasi, Cheeti, Chhayasa, Dayanagar, Devta, Fazalpur, Khandera Girjapur, Kot, Milk Khandera, Nagla Chamru, Nagla Cheeti, Nagla Nainsukh, Phulpur, Raghunathpur part, Rajpur Kalan and Shahpur Khurd village is included.

Here are the names of the villages of Bulandshahr-

Agrai, Ashadevi alias Purangarh, Asafpur, Baroda, Bharana, Bhatola, Bhaukheda, Birondi, Fauladpur, Birunda, Tajpur, Biswana, Boda, Butana, Chandrawali, Chola, Dinaul, Dharaud, Dhameda Nara, Dhimri, Aidalpur, Dulhera, Dulhera, Gopalpur, Dulhera, Jagirpur, Boda , Hridaypur, Jokhabad, Joli, Cairo, Kaithra, Kanwara, Kaurali, Khairpur Tila, Kishanpur, Konadu, Louthar, Luhakar, Mahipa Jagir, Mohidinpur Nagla, Mehtab Nagar, Malhapur, Masouta, Moradabad, Nagla Baroda, Nagla Hasanpur, Naithala Nekampur alias Bishanpur, Nizampur, Pachota, Pir Biyabani, Rajarampur, Rajpur Khurd, Roopwas Panchgai, Sabdalpur, Sainthali, Sarai Ghasi, Senwali, Shahpur Kala, Sikhera, Sutari, Talabpur alias Kanakpur, Umra and Labbaya villages will be included.

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