These safety features can make your Swift car as safe as a US Presidential vehicle! just have to spend

New Delhi. US President Joe Biden recently went to the UK for the G7 summit and his car was accompanied by a pair of Cadillac ‘The Beast’. It is known that this is the same car that was brought to India by former US President Donald Trump when he visited Delhi and Gujarat. The Cadillac One Presidential Limousine receives the highest grade of defensive (and offensive) safety features to drive POTUS. Joe Biden’s ‘Beast’ comes equipped with an armored exterior, layered armored windows, a top-spec communication system and Kevlar-reinforced tyres.

but have you ever thought How much would it cost to make this safest car? To shed light on how much world leaders spend on car protection, MotorEasy spoke to vehicle armor specialist Armormax, which builds armored vehicles for world leaders, celebrities and people in high risk jobs. Experts to do.

ArmorMax has revealed the 9 safety features that are commonly found on Presidential cars and has estimated the total cost of getting a similar safety feature you want on your own car. The good thing is that you can even turn your ordinary cars like a Maruti Suzuki Swift or a high end vehicle like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class into a fortress. However, this high-grade car safety upgrade will cost you at least $75,000 (Rs 55 lakh).

Full armouring package

Price – $66,383

Adding up to 1000 lbs of bullet proof protection, The Beast Host manufactures the lightest opaque vehicle armor that is 10 times stronger than ballistic steel, so you can rest easy knowing that no bullets hit your car doors Will come out

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External listening device

Price – $684

Have you ever wondered if a friend or foe is planning an attack? Well, world leaders certainly have. The Joe Bidens Beast consists of a communications hub with an external microphone, which allows passengers inside the vehicle to listen to uninvited outside protection without lowering the window or opening the door. According to ArmorMax’s estimates, installing this feature on an average vehicle would cost $485.

ballistic glass windows

Price – $2,445

Ballistic glass windows will set you back around £1,735 per window to protect against the toughest security concerns. Ballistic glass can provide protection against hand-held small guns and can withstand armor-piercing attacks.

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Electric Shock Door Handle

Price – $1,497

If an attacker gets too close to ‘The Beast’, there is little chance of them getting in with the door handle that anyone can try to open. Flipping a switch inside the car ensures that an attacker receives a serious blow, giving Biden’s driver enough time to get away. Armormax’s own electric shock system converts the vehicles 12-volt battery power into 120-volt current that is fed directly to the door handle along copper wire.

smoke screen dispenser

Price – $849

If a car chase involves the president’s car, one of the best defensive features used on high-risk vehicles is a smoke screen. The smoke screen heats an oil-based mixture to vaporize, then when it mixes with the cold outside air as it leaves the exhaust, it condenses into a mist, which means you can get a smoke screen. The prudent can flee, while your chasers struggle to see.

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run-flat wheels

Price – $2,374

Perhaps the most useful safety feature for any driver, The Beast also gets run-flat tires which continue to function even in the event of a flat tyre. Run-flat tire inserts mean you can safely drive for 50+ miles at 70 mph, meaning the President can successfully slow the car down without worry of attackers. Armormax estimates that all 4 tires will cost £1,684.

defensive guns

Price – $489

The Joe Biden Beast is reported to have defense items like pump-action shotguns. Shotguns and without operating windows, the Beast has a fitted gun port so that there is room to fire at enemies without an open window.

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