Follow these tips for lots of flowers in rose plant

Those people who are fond of planting plants in their homes, you will definitely see a rose plant in their homes. Actually, the fragrant flowers of roses are liked by everyone. But many times, despite a lot of care and watering, the plant does not flower or comes very less. Because of this, the purpose of planting a rose plant is not solved and the mind becomes sad after not seeing flowers in the plant. Here we are giving you some tips related to gardening, by following which flowers can start blooming in rose plant to a great extent. Let’s know about it.

pay attention to the soil

It is important to pay attention to the soil of the rose plant. Keep in mind that the soil for this should be sandy. Also, add cow dung manure to it. Do not let the soil become solid and keep hoeing it from time to time so that the water can reach the root of the plant. If you have brought a new plant, then definitely repot it. Also keep in mind that cut the branch from the top side so that the plant can become thicker at the bottom. Pay attention to its thickness more than the length of the plant.

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don’t let the plant dry out

If you feel that the plant is drying up, then put the peels of some citrus fruits in a bucket of water and keep it. After two days, you put this water in the rose plant and also sprinkle it on the leaves with a spray bottle. Along with this, after washing vegetables and lentils and rice or after boiling potatoes, cool the water and pour it into the plant. With this, the plant will get a lot of nutrients.

Apply turmeric in the branch

To avoid fungus in the rose plant, keep removing the yellow leaves present on the plant and keep cutting its branch from time to time. Apply some turmeric at the place from where you are cutting the branch. For this, make a paste by mixing a spoonful of turmeric powder in a few drops of water and apply it on the branch. This will not cause fungus in the plant.

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Use homemade compost

It would be better to use homemade compost for this than adding manure available in the market to the rose plant. For this, you can boil banana peels in water, cool this water and put it in the plant, as well as dry the banana peels and grind them and use them to make powder. You can also use green tea and tea leaves for compost. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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