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New Delhi. Moneycontrol Pro, the premium offering from business news website Moneycontrol, has won the title of the only Indian publisher to be ranked among the top 20 global digital news subscription providers. . Moneycontrol Pro occupies the third position in Asia, with 330,000 subscribers. This information has been given in a report by the International Federation of Periodical Publishers.

#MCPro is beneficial for investors

#MCPro (moneycontrol Pro) is a platform for beginners, especially for investors, where they get the most accurate and detailed information over time. Information related to investment solutions is given. Notably, it provides an ad-free experience to the customers. It also provides curated market data, exclusive trading recommendations, independent equity analysis and expert feedback. It helps in increasing the understanding among investors about business and finance.

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Pro users get the most different and reliable accurate content here. Moneycontrol Pro has continuously evolved and expanded its offerings. For example, Pro has exclusive editorial content partnerships with the Financial Times to help users gain a better understanding of global markets. Notably, Pro also launched The Constant Compounders Show, a series run by Saurabh Mukherjee of Marcellus Investment Managers, which features exclusive interviews with India’s top fund managers.

Readers, first and foremost!

Moneycontrol Pro has always put user convenience and benefits at the forefront of all decisions, be it redesigning the UI/UX(user interface/user experience) or new payment solutions. That too cheap. (For special discounts on select brands and gifts Here see.)

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How to get Moneycontrol Pro membership?

To subscribe if you are not yet a Moneycontrol Pro subscriber Here Click. For any feedback on products and suggestions please Here Click.

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