New variant of corona found in 29 countries – Lambda, WHO worries – this form should not spread all over the world

Another variant of Corona has raised WHO's concern (concept image.)

Another variant of Corona has raised WHO’s concern (concept image.)

WHO has given information about new variants of Corona. Regarding this variant named Lambda, it is claimed that the first case related to it was found in South America.

Geneva. The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that a new variant of corona has been found in 29 countries. This variant, named Lambda, is believed to have been found for the first time in South America. WHO said in a weekly update that the lambda variant, first found in Peru, was responsible for the increasing cases of corona in South America.

Officials said that the lambda variant was found to be more effective in Peru. Since April 2021 in Peru, 81 percent of corona cases are related to this variant. On the other hand, in Chile, this variant has been found in 32 percent of the sequences submitted in the last 60 days. Other countries like Argentina and Ecuador have also registered many cases of this variant.

The lambda variant is mutated

The WHO stated that the lambda variant is mutated which can increase the infection capacity. Also, antibodies will not affect in front of this form of infection. The organization said that more studies are needed to better understand the lambda variant. Any form of the virus is said to be worrisome when scientists believe it is more contagious and can make you seriously ill. . Tests, treatments and vaccines that identify worrying variants may also be less effective against it.

However, WHO fears that this form of infection may not spread anywhere in the world. Recently, the Delta variant also raised the concern of the world. Britain has claimed that the cases in its country doubled in 11 days and the Delta variant is believed to be responsible. The UK has reported the highest number of cases of Covid-19 at 8,125 in the last 24 hours since the end of February and Public Health England (PHE) has learned that the first delta form (B1.617.2) cases were identified in India. In a week, it has increased from about 30 thousand to 42,323.

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