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Pithoragarh. Traffic on the National Highway near the ghat has come to a standstill due to heavy boulders falling and debris coming in. In Chamoli also, amidst reports of landslides on Badrinath National Highway, there are reports of landslides near Ghat police station in Pithoragarh district, due to which the national highway has come to a standstill. It is said that it has been about two and a half days since this highway was closed and people are getting upset. Actually, there was talk of making this road operational on Thursday, but it could not happen, so those who had reached here in this hope were disappointed.

News agency ANI has reported the closure of Pithoragarh National Highway near Ghat. At the same time, if other reports are to be believed, Mansarovar passengers are stuck due to the closure of this highway. Some people reached Pithoragarh via Berinag i.e. had to spend 6 hours extra for the journey of 110 km. Traffic is expected to be restored by Friday afternoon, but there is no update on this yet.

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In many areas of Pithoragarh, along with fresh fruits, vegetables, the supply of ration items and gas cylinders has also been badly affected for the last three days. Due to the hope of opening the road again and again, there were queues of vehicles on the road and people were trapped. Traffic is said to be affected on Ghat-Pithoragarh, Dharchula Lipulekh, Kota Malone, Madkot Bona, Madkot Darma, Rayabjeta Bangapani-Jarajibali roads. At the same time, movement has started on the Tanakpur Pithoragarh road, but the danger remains, so people are being asked to be alert.

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Earlier, due to heavy rains, the Meteorological Department had issued a red alert for Friday for three hilly districts including Pithoragarh. Let us tell you that Pithoragarh is a frontier district, where the border of China joins. The Ghattabagad-Lipulekh road connecting the China border in the district is said to be closed for the last eight days. At the same time, there are also reports that Dhauli, Ramganga, Kali and Saryu rivers are in spate due to the heavy rains that have been happening for the last few days. The Meteorological Department has advised travelers to travel only while being alert.

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