6 Steps to Keeping Flowers Fresh for Longer– News18 Hindi

Some people are fond of decorating flowers at home. For this they plant artificial flowers. But some people prefer to plant only real flowers, so that their house smells of their fragrance. Anyway, who does not like if the house is clean and decorated with flowers. Flower Bouquets kept in any corner of the house add to the beauty of the house. While they like it themselves, the guests who come can not stay without being impressed by them. However, when it starts to fade, its beauty starts to disappear and the heart wishes that it would remain fresh for some more time. But by adopting some methods, you can keep these flowers fresh for a long time. Not much has to be done for this, just a little precaution.

keep away from hot air
Flowers remain fresh for a long time in the cold. In such a situation, always keep flowers away from heat or hot air. For example, do not keep them near heater, TV etc. Due to this heat will reach them and they will wither quickly.

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keep changing water
Also, keep in mind that the water of your flower habitat must be changed every second or third day. This will keep the flowers fresh and will not smell bad.

put in a copper case
Everyone likes flowers in glass vases. But they cannot remain fresh in them for a long time. Therefore, put flowers in a copper vase. This will keep it fresh for a long time.

keep cleaning
Some people also plant artificial flowers in their homes. Due to this there is no hassle of changing it every day, but if attention is not paid to their cleanliness, then they do not look good. So pay full attention to their cleanliness.

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Make cutting of wilted leaves
To keep the flowers of your bouquet fresh for a long time, it is important to protect the flowers from spoilage. In such a situation, their withering and bad leaves should be cut and separated. So sort them out. This will keep them fresh for a long time.

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