Copa America: Criticizing the organizers cost the player a heavy fine along with being suspended

Bolivia striker Marcello Martins has been suspended for one match (AP)

Bolivia striker Marcello Martins has been suspended for one match (AP)

CONMEBOL’s disciplinary commission warned a Bolivian striker, Marcello Martins, that a repeat of the mistake could result in a one-year ban.

La Paz (Bolivia). Marcelo Martins, a Bolivian striker who criticized the Copa America football tournament being played in Brazil, was suspended by CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation) for a match and fined $ 20 thousand.

CONMEBOL’s disciplinary commission warned Martins that a one-year ban could be imposed for repeating the mistake. The Bolivia Football Association condemned this ban on Twitter. Three Bolivia players, including A Martins, were found to be Corona positive on Saturday. Condemning CONMEBOL on social media, he said that thanks CONMEBOL for all this.

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