Quickly book train tickets with IRCTC iPay, instant refund on cancellation, know everything

New Delhi. There is good news for those who travel often by train. In fact, till now, one had to wait a lot for the train ticket online and if the ticket had to be canceled, then for the refund. But now IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) had launched its own payment gateway IRCTC-iPay in the past. Through which the ticket will be booked quickly and if you need to cancel the train ticket. So your refund will also be credited to your account in the blink of an eye. Let us know how you can book train tickets through IRCTC-iPay.

How to book train tickets with IRCTC-iPay

To book through ipay, first you have to login to www.irctc.co.in

In which you have to fill your travel related information like date, place of travelAfter this you have to select the train according to your route.

While booking the ticket, you will get the first option ‘IRCTC iPay’ in the payment method.

Select this option and click on Pay and Book

Now you have to choose credit card, debit card or UPI aa option for payment.

As soon as you OK this, your ticket will be booked immediately. You will get SMS and email for confirmation

The biggest advantage of choosing this gateway is that whenever you book a ticket again, you will not have to fill the payment details again.

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On canceling the ticket, you will get instant refund like this – If you pay the ticket through IRCTC iPay and for some reason you have to cancel the ticket. Then your refund will be credited to your account immediately.

IRCTC officials have said that earlier the company did not have its own payment gateway, then another payment gateway (IRCTC iPay Means) had to be used. So booking took a lot of time. And if the money was deducted, then it also took more time to come back to the account. But now it will not happen. On the first question on the payment gateway of IICTC, officials say that it is completely secure.

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Refund of waiting ticket will also come immediately – If your ticket is booked in waiting and for some reason not cleared. Then your ticket will be canceled automatically. Along with this, the refund of the ticket will also be credited to your account immediately.

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