uttarakhand rivers flowing dangerously alaknanda water submerged lower regions

There was a flood like situation in the Alaknanda river.

There was a flood like situation in the Alaknanda river.

The danger of overflowing rivers is visible in the videos and pictures. In Srinagar and Garhwal, the sights and news of the fierce form of Alaknanda are coming to the fore. Get constant updates only on News18.

Dehradun. Due to heavy rains in all the hilly areas of the state, the rivers have become very difficult. According to the latest news, many low-lying areas of Srinagar and Pauri Garhwal have been submerged in water. In fact, due to the rapid rise in the water level of the Alaknanda river, the river has sprung up at many places and is flowing by breaking the banks. While the Alaknanda has submerged many low-lying areas, concern has increased in Rishikesh with the water level of the Ganges reaching the danger mark. The local administration and disaster management department has issued an alert there.

Giving the latest news, news agency ANI has told that due to the increase in the flow of the Alaknanda river, the low-lying areas have been hit and flood-like situation is being created. Earlier, there was news of alert issued by the State Control Room regarding the water level of Alaknanda. Along with Rishikesh, there are reports of rivers reaching the verge of turning rough in Pithoragarh, Almora, Pauri Garhwal and Chamoli. News 18 is constantly updating you about these situations.

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Earlier, News18 had narrated the circumstances of the rivers in Pithoragarh and Rishikesh through pictures and videos. There have been reports of land erosion and landslides at many places in the hilly districts of the state. An appeal is also being made to the passengers and people to be very cautious.

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