get yoga tips to fight back with corona with savita yadav podcast by pooja prasad

International Yoga Day 2021: When gyms, parks and physical movements that maintain physical fitness have stopped, yoga can be our better partner. Today we are going to talk to yoga instructor Savita Yadav.

Hello friends, I welcome you Pooja Prasad in this special podcast of News18 Hindi. I know that the things I am going to introduce to you today and what I am going to talk to in your life, those things will take a long time. Therefore, avoiding all kinds of formalities, let me quickly tell you the subject that today we will talk about immunity, physical fitness. This subject was also chosen because in this difficult time of Corona epidemic, while sitting at home, all of us have started facing many kinds of problems. In this our health is a big issue. When gyms, parks and physical movements that maintain physical fitness have stopped, then yoga can be our best partner to a great extent and that is why we are going to talk to yoga instructor Savita Yadav today. She is an amazing yoga teacher and has a lot of information on this issue. So without wasting any time, I welcome them and raise daily questions.

In this podcast you will find answers to these questions-

1-During the corona epidemic, the matter of immunity has been raised time and again and to increase it, people often give many advice to each other like drinking decoction. I want to know for my listeners whether immunity can be increased only by eating or yoga can also increase our immunity?

2- Will there have to be some change in the traditional food that we are used to as a diet?

3- Those who are not interested in yoga, what to do?

4- People complain of extreme weakness after recovering from corona infection, so tell us that apart from post corona rest and food, is yoga also helpful in removing this weakness?

5- People who are constantly at home in this era of corona epidemic, like our elders. Often these people get upset. Some are worried about the stiffness of their hands and feet, while some are worried about their tummy fat. What scope do you find in yoga for such people?

6- There is often confusion about the timing of doing yoga. Tell me what is the best time to do yoga?

7- One question is also that before doing yoga should we stay empty stomach? And is it appropriate to eat something immediately after doing yoga?

8- It seems easiest to do cremation. What would you like to say about this?

9- You are absolutely right. Now looking at the time, I would like to have any message for our listeners…what you want to give.

Thank you very much Savita ji, we have full confidence that our viewers, listeners will be able to take maximum advantage of the necessary information you have given. So guys, see you soon with another podcast, Hello.

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