Gold price today: Good news! Big fall in gold prices, prices fell by up to Rs 9000, check latest rates

New Delhi: There is a continuous decline in the prices of gold and silver. If you are also planning to buy gold jewelery then you have a good chance. On the last trading day on Friday, gold was trading with a fall in the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Here, the August futures trade in gold (Gold Price today) declined by Rs 158.00 to close at Rs 46,800.00. At the same time, silver’s July futures trade closed at Rs 67,580.00, down by Rs 19.00. Still running cheaper by Rs 9,000 from record high.

On Friday, the international market closed with a fall in gold. Gold trading in the US closed at $ 1,764.31 an ounce, down by $ 12.47. At the same time, silver trading closed at $ 25.80, down by $ 0.22.

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24 carat gold price Talking about the price of 24 carat gold, on 20 June 2021 in Delhi, the price of 10 grams of gold is Rs 50330. Apart from this, it is Rs 48290 in Chennai, Rs 47220 in Mumbai and Rs 48910 per 10 grams in Kolkata.

According to the IBJA website, know how was the sleeping condition throughout the week-

>> 14 Jun 2021 – 48475

>> 15 Jun 2021 – 48619

>> 16 Jun 2021 – 48529

>> 17 Jun 2021 – 47611

>> 18 Jun 2021 – 47201

Gold is cheaper by Rs 9,000 from record level

If you are planning to buy gold then this is a good opportunity. Because the rate of gold is still running cheaper by Rs 9,000 from the record high. Let us tell you that in August last year, the price of gold had gone above Rs 56,000 per 10 grams.

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