12.76 lakh members associated with EPFO ​​in April, this number is 14% more than in March

In April 2021, 12.76 lakh people have joined the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), which is an increase of 13.73% from March 2021. This shows that now employment has started increasing again in the country. Earlier in March 2021, 11.22 members had joined. A total of 77.08 lakh new members were added to EPFO ​​in 2020-21.

The number of unsubscribers decreased in April

The number of people who left EPFO ​​​​subscription in April 2021 was less by 87,821 as compared to March 2021. Similarly, during this period, the number of memberships joining EPFO ​​again was 92,864 more than in March. That is, now people have started getting employment again.

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In April last year, there has been a decline of 2.85 lakh in the new enrollment of employees in the EPFO. This means that the number of people who left the EPFO ​​​​subscription in April 20 was more than those who joined or rejoined the scheme. Out of 12.76 lakh members who joined EPFO ​​in April 2021, about 6.89 lakh are new members.

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Maharashtra and Haryana ahead in terms of adding new members

Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka recorded the maximum number of new jobs. In these states, about 7.58 lakh people have joined EPFO ​​in April, which is 59.41% of the total joiners. The number of women in the new subscribers is 2.81 lakh. It is around 22%.

78.58 lakh new members added in the financial year 2019-20

On an average, 7 lakh new members are added to EPFO ​​every month. According to the data released by EPFO, 78.58 lakh new members joined EPFO ​​in the financial year 2019-20. Earlier this figure was 61.12 lakh during the last financial 2018-19.

EPFO releasing data since 2018

EPFO has been releasing new members figures since April 2018. For this, data is being included from September 2017. According to the data, the number of net new members or subscribers between September, 2017 to April, 2020 was 17.5 million. There were a net 15.52 lakh new nominations with EPFO ​​during September, 2017 to March, 2018.

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