From Amrita-Saif to Farhan-Adhuna, the divorces of Bollywood couples proved to be costly

Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan: Bollywood’s famous actor Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh in 1991. After 13 years of marriage, the couple had decided to divorce. The actor himself had said in an interview to pay a hefty amount as alimony. He had said, I am going to give Rs 5 crore to Amrita, out of which I have already given her about Rs 2.5 crore. Also, I will keep giving 1 lakh rupees every month to my son till he turns 18. I am not Shahrukh Khan. I don’t have that kind of money. I have promised them that I will pay the rest of the money, even if I have to work very hard till my last breath. At present, he is in marriage bond with Kareena Kapoor. He has two children from this relationship. (file photo)

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