Now Vaishno Mata coin of 5 and 10 rupees will make you rich, you will get 10 lakh rupees, know how?

New Delhi: In the Corona era, if you are also looking for a way to earn extra money, then today you can become a millionaire with coins of 5 and 10 rupees kept in your house. You don’t need to do anything for this. You should have only 5 and 10 rupee coins. You have to put the photo of this antique coin on the website, after which people will bid money for your coin and you can earn millions by selling this coin to whomever you want.

Let us tell you which one 5-10 rupee coin you need for this… and how you can earn-

Let us tell you that at this time there are many such websites where old notes and coins are being bought and sold.

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According to media reports, old coins and notes are being auctioned on Indiamart’s website. If you are fond of collecting old things, then this hobby of yours can also make you a millionaire. For this you need a coin of 10 or 5 rupees, on which the photo of Vaishno Mata is made.

Demand for 5 and 10 coins of Vaishno Devi is fast

These days the means of earning money is also trending on e-commerce website. If you have 5 and 10 coins of Mata Vaishno Devi, then you can earn money by selling them. Let us tell you that these coins were issued in the year 2002. Due to the picture of Mata Rani, people are considering these coins very lucky. Mata Vaishno Devi is worshiped in Hinduism. Hence, people are spending lakhs of rupees for such coins.

How much money can I earn?

By selling these coins in auction, you can earn up to 10 lakh rupees. Apart from this, you can also bargain during the bidding of these coins.

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Where can I sell these coins?

Let us tell you that these notes can be sold at Indiamart at a good price sitting at home. This note will get a great price on these platforms too. You can sell these notes by visiting these company’s sites. In return, you can get lakhs of rupees.

You can sell on these websites –

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